Tuesday 29 April 2014

for Y

is for Year 5

Year 5 is the only year level that I have not taught in my career, for no real reason other than it just hasn't happened. 

Even though a lot of my teaching career was spent teaching composite classes I still managed to miss year 5. For a number of years in a row I was teaching a composite class and there was a time when I never thought I was going to be 'straight' again! 

Teaching 2 lots of curriculum can at times be extremely challenging. In every class that you have there is a certain spread of ability levels that must be catered for. In a composite class, this spread becomes even wider. 

I have always preferred teaching in the lower to middle years, around year 3 and 4 as they know enough, but they don't know everything and are often still really happy at school and wanting to please the teacher! 

Having said that though, the year I taught Year 7 will go down as one of my favourites! (shhh don't tell the other classes!).. guiding those students through their final year of primary school and watching them grow into young adults and send them off to High School was great. It helped that they were also a pretty awesome bunch and we had loads of fun along the way.

Another fave was my Year 2/3 class. This class was the final class I taught before leaving the classroom to become a Behaviour Support Teacher. It was composite and a tough composite, in terms of the curriculum and assessment that happened in those year levels, but again there were many moments of joy amongst it all.

At the end of last year I wrote a post on just how hard teaching can be sometimes, if interested you can read that little rant here..

And just like that post I am linking this post with Essentially Jess for IBOT.

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