Saturday 5 April 2014

for E

is for Evacuation

It has been suggested that I also share some stories from my teaching careeer throughout this challenge, so this is the first of them.

Emergency Evacuations are an important part of any school. If there is ever a reason to evacuate the students need to be ready. There's one story that comes to mind when I think about evacuation procedures.

We have always done fire drills in schools, what to do and where to go in the case of a fire. For the most part the kids wander out aimlessly with no matter of urgency, knowing that it's just a drill and nothing to worry about..

One day my year 4 class had to be evacuated after smoke was coming from one of the powerpoints a the back of the room. A student sitting near the powerpoint alerted me to the smoke coming from the powerpoint and so I immediately moved the students away from the powerpoint and then we evacuated the classroom while it was checked out by a staff member who just happen to also be the local fire chief...turned out that as the powerpoint was so old and one of those ones that protruded out from the wall and there was a small gap and the student sitting near it had, unbeknowns to me, been dripping liquid glue into the gap and into the powerpoint! Needless to say we were not impressed and his desk was promptly moved!!!

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