Monday 7 April 2014

for F

is for Farm

I had the joy of growing up on a farm. We were around 70km out of town on what was predominantly a sheep farm. I was born in central QLD but when I was 9 months old we moved to the farm between Inglewood and Stanthorpe.
My older sister, Jody and I not long after we moved to the farm.
As I've written previously I went off to Boarding School for High School, so all of my Primary School years were completed while living on the farm. We were always up early to be on the bus around 7:30 in the morning. Mum had to drive us about 12km to the bus stop, we were the first stop in the morning, so the last stop in the afternoon, not getting home until around 4:30, making the days very long. Dad was often gone before we were and not home til after we were and always popping off to do other jobs.
I was the youngest member of our local horse riding club and loved going there and riding the horses at home. The older I got however, the less time I had for riding and when I went off to boarding school I barely rode at all.
Our family continued to grow (me on the far left, then Linda, Kathy and Jody). As I grew older it was at times hard being so far out of town, we rarely got to see our friends on the weekends, or have sleep overs.
Our family cat "Panda"
No pet dogs around here - all dogs are working dogs was what we were often told
What's a farm without chooks! And I remember them pecking your foot if you fed them too late!
We often had to rear lambs and calves who lost their Mums for whatever reason! So cute!
 We spent our weekends on the farm riding our bikes, exploring, playing houses down by the creek.
If you look carefully you may just spot me having a swim!
Even still to this day I miss the country sunsets! Nothing more spectacular!

Mum and Dad left the farm about 14 years ago but it will always be home to me!

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