Thursday 11 January 2018

for a day out!

Today I decided to head out and about in the great outdoors and explore an area that is so close it's almost a crime I have not spent more time there.

I stopped at all the stops along The Falls Drive

First stop Browns Falls and as the sign suggests ‘track suitable for able bodied persons only’... this is no joke... while the track is not long, just 600m, and it’s not steep... it is difficult terrain.

For the most part the path is a little difficult to navigate as it is not always obvious. This has its pros and cons, great in that the area is remaining relatively untouched by humans, however difficult for a first timer to feel confident they are going the right way! Word of warning is that you will need good hiking shoes and all your hands free to negotiate some of this track. 

Am sure the path is there somewhere.... 

Little red reflective discs dotted the way. Although in some cases they were difficult to locate and some appeared to be more of a ‘here I am’ marker rather than an actual indication of which way you were meant to go!

Can you spot the one across the creek.... Peek-a-boo!

Coming back seemed a whole lot quicker, and easier as I managed to remain mostly to one side of the creek bank, unlike the trek there where I seemed to be zig-zagging most of the way!

It was definitely worth the trek.

Round trip to just under an hour... sign says allow 20mins there but then you have to allow for photo time, staring into the beautiful waterfall time, getting lost in thoughts time and standing around with your hands on your hips wondering if you’re going the right way time!

Next stop.... Daggs Falls... which is really just a 5m walk onto a lookout platform but still very beautiful!

A gorgeous lookout

The Queen Mary Falls track is by far the most popular in the area and one I have completed many times before. The 2km circuit is well paved with gravel and bitumen to guide the path making it accessible to most. 

The path at Queen Mary Falls is a lot more obvious and user friendly!

Being a circuit there is no back tracking, depending on which way you go you start your journey by weaving your way to the bottom of the Falls... 

Queen Mary Falls from the bottom...

but of course, what goes down must also come up... 

and from the top..

it’s not overly steep but it will get the heart pumping and the sweat dripping on a hot day. There is of course the option to do it in reverse and at one point even a post that indicates the ability to choose your own adventure... 

If the climb was all a bit much fear not... there is a cafe waiting for you at the end with lots of yummies and goodies to refuel you...

and chances are you will have some company to enjoy your snacks with....

Lunch date!

Driving further up the road is the amazing Carrs Lookout which is definitely worth the extra drive up the winding range.

Was such a beautiful way to spend my day, and only a short 30 minute drive from my home. Really must make an effort to go there more often!