Monday 21 April 2014

for R

for Rottweiler.

I was in year 7 and staying in town for the weekend at a friends house. It was a rarity and I was enjoying the time with friends. The fact that we lived so far out of town meant that sleep overs went from Friday afternoon and then we didn't return home until Monday after school.

The people who I was staying with had a large Rottweiler dog as a pet and on the Sunday afternoon we decided to take to the dog for a walk. On the farm there was no such thing as pet dogs, all our dogs were working dogs so I loved the opportunity to play with a dog and asked if I could be the one that would hold the dog as we walked. The girls agreed but told me that due to the dogs strength I should wrap the lead around my hand a couple of times so I didn't let go. Seemed logical.....

That was until some boys from our class road past on their pushbikes and stirred the dog up, at first they just rode around us but then they started throwing little pebbles at the dog and then they took off on their bikes and the dog took off after them, dragging me along with him. As the lead was wrapped around my hand I was pulled over onto the bitumen and both knees opened up with cuts and grazes.

Eventually the dog stopped, I can't recall exactly how long I was dragged but the damage to my knees has been ongoing. I remember sitting in pain and the long walk back to my friend's house for her mother to clean me up and wrap my knees in bandages. I also remember the look of shock on my Mum's face when I hobbled off the bus the next day, bandages and all. 

I had no real medical treatment for the damage to my knees at the time and the following year, when I had gone to boarding school I was made to be more active through sport and athletics. Pain in my knees was, at times excruciating and eventually I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with Knee Effusion (or Water on the Bone) and I had treatment from a Physio for some time but even to this day my knees are weak and often there's a lot of pain when I do certain exercises (or even just on cold mornings although this could also be a sign of old age creeping up on me! lol..)

The scar on my knee that serves as the constant reminder, bit difficult to see but am sure at the time that I should have gotten stitches!

Now I am being a little cheeky and tacking on an I Must Confess post at the end of this blog... Kirsty had given us the prompt...
what does Easter mean to you? 
Do you take your Easter traditional, religious or with extra chocolate?

As soon as I saw this I knew it was what I had to share for this confession....

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