Friday 4 April 2014

for D

is for Dominic

Dominic is my oldest Nephew and first Godson...
I was there when he was born and that's another one of those memories that I have that I remember as if it was yesterday.  

It was the Christmas holidays and I was home from teaching in Mt Isa, staying with Mum and Dad in Warwick. Jody was due just a few days before I was due to head north and I was hoping and crossing my fingers that she would 'pop' before I had to leave. 

It was late one night and I was sound asleep when I felt some movement and I realised it was Jody hoping into bed beside me. I mumbled "what are you doing?"..."oh just having a baby" was her reply. Dazed and confused I fell back to sleep, only to be woken a few hours later and told we had to head to Toowoomba. She had asked if I would be there with her during the birth and I didn't have to think twice. 

We took off to Toowoomba and presented at the hospital. Jody was examined and told that it would be some time yet and that we should go for a walk. We did and it wasn't long before we were back in the hospital and being taken to the delivery room. Jody hopped in to the shower while the midwife got the delivery room ready, however we never made it back into the room with Dominic making a very quick entry while she was still in the shower!

I had never felt more joy, pride and love for both my big sister and her gorgeous baby boy!

These are some of my fave pics of Dom from over the years!

This is one from his Naming Day where I dressed him and didn't put his nappy on properly and he peed all over Jody during the ceremony! Whoops! lol...

He loved this 'rainbow' headband that I had and for ages refused to take it off claiming it was HIS RAINBOW!

First Day of Year 6... my how time has flown!
I asked Dominic a few years if he will let me kiss and hug him when he's older and he replied that I wouldn't be able to because he will be too big and taller than me! I fear the day is arriving soon! He is growing up so much but am happy to report I still get a hug every time I arrive and every time I leave..

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