Tuesday 22 April 2014

for S

is for Songs.

It sometimes amazes me how hearing a song on the radio can take you back to a time and place. Songs are great memory makers and reminders in that way.... 
Charlie Pride is just one of the singers we listened to in the car growing up on our way to and from the bus stop. Mum loved him, Marty Robins was another favourite that we listened to regularly.
Zombie by the Cranberries always reminds me of my cousin... He used to wander around the house singing this song in his high-pitched pre-puberty voice and crack us all up!
Forever Young always stops me in my tracks, as one of the songs we played at my sisters funeral it will forever take me back to the moment we lost her.
One of my classes LOVED The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Whenever we were doing an art and craft activity the students would ask me to put my music on from my itunes and this song was always requested. They were a year 2/3 classes and the whole lot of them would sing along at the top of their lungs - was so cute! Every time I hear it it reminds me of them.
This song will always remind me of my Contiki Tour through NZ - it was our morning bus song that was played as soon as we got on the bus each morning and anyone that had done anything silly or embarrassing the day/night before had to dance in the aisle...I only had to dance once for reasons that will not be disclosed! ;-)
My tour in Canada with a bus full of Poms introduced me to The Killers! I will always remember those people and that tour whenever I hear a song by them

I could go on and on...so many songs remind me of so many things from my past, some good, some not so good.

What song sends your thoughts hurtling back to a time in the past?

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