Wednesday 2 April 2014

for B

is for Boarding School.

It was inevitable that when I hit Year 8 I would head off to Boarding School. My older sister was already there and I could not wait to join her. Growing up on a farm about 70km out of town and our local high school only going to year 10 anyway meant that we had to go away to school and it seemed easier to make that change at the start of high school.

Boarding School is not for everyone, and I am sure there were times when I complained no end, but for the most part I loved it. What could be better than living with your friends you go to school with! hahaha...
In 'researching' for this post I dug out my old High School diaries and Year a trip down memory lane! I was hoping for some quotes that I could use to explain life at Boarding School but all I seemed to find was a tragic tale of High School loves. I think some of my entries could be used by the writers of Puberty Blues! lol....

Year 12 was definitely the highlight for me (as it is with most people I'm sure!). I was voted Girls Boarding Captain, School Prefect, Mackay Clan Captain and Tennis Captain. I guess someone somehow saw leadership potential in me! lol...
And just what you have been waiting for....tragic photos from the '90s!
Five years in the Army Cadets
Can and will rock that bandana!
Not sure where we were going but obviously somewhere we were not allowed to show any skin! lol
With the beauty of Facebook I have been able to get back in touch with a lot of these girls!
Workin it!

Belle and Beau of the Year 12 Formal!

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