Friday 18 April 2014

for P

is for Poppy

Sadly both my Grandfather's passed away some time ago so my memories of them are a bit fuzzy. I called both my Grandfather's "Poppy" when we were younger but as we got older my Paternal Grandfather became Poppa, whilst my Maternal Grandfather remained Poppy.
My Mother's parents lived in Charleville about 8 hours drive from where we lived so we didn't get to visit very often. We would occasionally go out during school holidays and spend time catching up with many of Mum's brothers and sisters. I do remember at one stage they lived near a caravan park which had a little shop in it and we would traipse up with our little purses with change and get as many lollies as we could. 
Growing up my Dad's father lived at the Sunshine Coast and again we would often visit during the school holidays. Given that was physically closer to where we lived we would visit more often. I think he really enjoyed his house being overrun by his granddaughters! I have always grown my fingernails and have had long nails for as long as I can remember and I would often be enlisted by Poppa for a nice long back scratch! He had one of those long back scratching sticks but used to say that it did not compare to me scratching his back, so there I would sit (probably rolling my eyes) scratching his back and waiting for him to give me the ok to stop. 
Poppa with all his children, their partners and grandchildren at a family reunion

Poppa and all his grandchildren
 When Poppa passed away, not long before my 21st birthday, my father and his siblings went to his home to pack up and sort through his belongings. Amongst much paperwork and who knows what else in his desk they found this letter that I had written to him many years earlier.
Obviously I had a deep concern for our pillows we must have left behind!
Given this was how I addressed the envelope I'm surprised it got there!

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