Monday 14 April 2014

for L

is for Lost.

This is not really a memory or a reflection but it is a story that Mum tells about my childhood. I am not sure how old I was but we had travelled into town for the day to do some jobs and shopping, I was only quite young. It must have been later in the year because, as the story goes, I was pestering Mum to take me to the shopping centre so that I could see Santa. We were at the bank and while Mum was busy with the banking, apparently I slipped out and wandered the block and a half up to the shopping centre in search of Santa.

I can only imagine the panic I must have caused Mum but am pretty sure she knew the first place to look. Apparently I was found by some of the ladies who worked at the Centre and fed lollies until Mum arrived. Given that it was probably the early 80's at the time I think (hope) that stranger danger was not such a big deal and obviously I am still here to tell (or listen to) the tale..

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