Thursday 17 April 2014

for O

is for Overseas

Once again I am being a little lazy and linking up a previous post for today's prompt.

One of the bonuses of being a teacher is that we do have good holidays (but it's not all good, but I am not here to whinge about that!) and I have made sure I have taken advantage of these holidays and even though it took me some time I have been able to travel overseas a number of times.

Last year one of our I Must Confess prompts at My Home Truths was to confess about good times and immediately my trips overseas sprang to mind! So if you follow the link here you can read about my overseas adventures to NZ, Canada, UAE, Europe and Vanuatu.

Am linking this A to Z Challenge post up with A Parenting Life for Thankful Thursday because I am so thankful that I have had these experiences!

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