Wednesday 27 March 2013

for a NEW CAR!!!

 Out with the old.....

My poor old Kia stuck in a hail storm...

 and in with the new!!!
My brand spankin' new Nissan Dualis! (I like I'm in love!)

 I have never owned a brand new car so I am super excited! Now I am commuting for my new job I figured it was time to upgrade to something a bit more reliable! And it's going to be great for my exercise as I am so scared to park near anyone else I park way off in the distance, you know those parks at the shopping centre that no-one wants, so I don't get a door opened on it or a trolley bumped into it! Lol...Not sure how long that will last but we'll see!

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Tuesday 26 March 2013

to review Week 6


It's hard to believe that we are half way through the 12wbt! It does not seem like 6 weeks but it has been great! I am not the sort of person who has gone all gung ho on this program, to be honest I don't get involved in all the forums and rarely get on the website, except to get my meal plans and dowload recipes. This is about ME! It is my journey! I don't need to read all about other people's problems, stresses etc. There are some awesome blogs out there that are both inspiring and motivating and these are the ones that I draw my inspiration from. I must admit I half heartedly watch the weekly mindset videos as a lot of what Mish talks about I feel doesn't apply to me (for various reason but don't think I don't think she's great because I do!)....Having said all of that, would I recommend the program to anyone else.....ABSOLUTELY!

That obviously wasn't the best advertisement for people wanting to sign up for the 12wbt but I am loving it so far. As I said this journey has been about me and I need to do this for me! Not because a trainer on a video told me to, I can see that some people would need this type of motivation and I applaud EVERYONE who is giving this their best shot!

I have joined a few Facebook pages for support groups for people in my area but I am rapidly finding they are becoming more of a whinge group. I am sorry to say that they frustrate the shit out of me. It seems all people want to do is whinge about how they have 'fallen off the wagon'... 'just ate some ice cream and I feel so guilty'... 'oh my I haven't exercised for a week and now I feel bad'...there was even a "I'm so drunnnkk!' posted close to midnight one night! And it's like they want validation or acceptance or the it's OK from someone, who knows....
I don't read them often because I know this is my issue but occassionally there is some really helpful advice on there. 

The way I see it is this, I have decided that I am still going to live my life. I have made this lifestyle decision but it is not going to rule my life and I am not going to miss opportunities to live it. For example, On Thursday I had an extremely emotional day, I picked up my brand spankin' new car (excited much!) and found out my Mum's Uncle had passed away (sux big time) all within the space of an hour. So when a friend of mine suggested we catch up for Friday afternoon drinks to celebrate the pending end of term, I didn't bat an eyelid! Off we went, 2 bottles of wine and a deep fried tasting platter later I was heading home feeling better! I didn't/don't regret it (although I did have a slight headache and tummy ache during the night), I didn't feel the need to get on a forum or on a FB group and beg for forgiveness instead I got up, got on the treadmill smashed out a run and got on with my day. I am confident I will get to my goal weight and have lived and enjoyed the journey and learning new things about myself along the way.

The reaction I have gotten from some of my friends and colleagues along the way has been varied. Most people wonder what the food is like and ask if we actually get to eat real food! A friend had a look at my folder of recipes and was shocked "Oh my god it's actually real food!" I was warned before I started by someone who knew someone who knew someone (you get the picture)who had done the program to "stock up on chickpeas coz that's all you get to eat"

So I am here to bust some myths! YES it is real food! YES it is delicious! YES there are options and you can change your meal plan if it doesn't suit! YES there are options for Vegetarians, Gluten Intolerant, Pregnant ladies and all other manner of needs. I can assure you, you do not need to have a healthy appetite for chickpeas to enjoy the meals with this program, I have had to use them in 1 recipe and didn't even notice! If you do have an appetite for fresh vegetables and herbs then keep reading! 

Here are some pics of some of the amazing recipes! (mostly breaky ones sorry..)

Yep, that's pasta! and bread! omg......Truth be known, I swear I have eaten more carbs on this eating plan than I have eaten in the last 5 years of trying to lose weight on my own and this is working! If there was one bit of food advice I could give anyone considering this program it would be to start a herb garden now!

I have had to cut back on my exercise due to my back and neck issues and I emailed the 12wbt support crew and they told me to do what I could, heed the advice from my Chiropractor, keep it low impact if need be but that diet was more important for weightloss anyway... My gym put this picture up on their Faceook page and I thought, besides it being a bit cute, it is SO true! I think for once my attitude is right, my eating is right and my exercise is as good as it can be at the moment!

Now if you are really brave and want to scroll down a little more I have finally decided I am brave enough to share some pics of me! I was really starting to notice the difference in my clothes this week and while the scales remained exactly the same as last week I am not disheartened because I have had to start a "no longer fit me because they are too big" pile of clothes in my bedroom! So I decided that seeing as we are half way through I would do a pic and compare it to my 'before pic'.... Feel free to press the red cross in the corner now if you do not wish to see it! I know I still have a ways to go, but it is such a good reminder of where I've come from and keep me focussed on where I'm heading...... here goes...

So if you have been wondering if you should do this, then my advice would be DO IT! What have you got to lose?

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Thursday 21 March 2013

to reflect

 Sometimes I get so bogged down and caught up in all the things that I don't have or that are going wrong (and often who is to blame). It's so easy to do and I so often hear things that come out of my mouth and think "Gosh Zita, give it a rest!" It's often compounded by the feelings and emotions of those around us as well. If we surround oursleves with negative people then it's so easy to become that way as well and sometimes I need a big "things aren't that bad" slap in the face... 

Sure there are things in my life that I regret (I don't care what anyone says there are things most of us should regret!) but that doesn't mean they define me. 

Sure there are things that I want in my life that haven't happened or that I don't have (Husband, big fat diamond ring, kids being the biggest thing) but when this photo popped up on facebook earlier this week it did make me stop and think. Sometimes it really is the simple things in life and we do need time to stop and smell the roses (and if you are lucky enough, my dad's roses are the best!)

So....what are you thankful for....?

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Wednesday 20 March 2013

for Wordless Wednesday

How cute is this!!!! I must of mentioned to my students that I mark their homework on Sunday night before I go to bed and so this week I got this little message at the top of one of my students homework sheets.

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Tuesday 19 March 2013

for a Boot Camp Scavenger Hunt!

Last week I was STOKED to get a 1.6kg weight loss on my Wednesday Weigh In! So happy!

My exercise has been put on a bit of a back burner after a few back issues. I have continued to do cardio but Body Pump has been out of the question :-( The Chiro says I should be right by the end of this week but I have to concentrate on my posture to try and regain some normality through my spine, which is pretty much a mess!

My younger sister Linda is currently doing her own weight loss challenge at the moment and participating in an 8 week boot camp. On Saturday they ran a Boot Camp Scavenger Hunt where we had to go around to different parts of town doing exercises to earn points and after the 2 hours the team with the most points wins! We had to send piccies to her trainer along the way as proof of completion! Believe it or not I had so much fun doing it and while we don't know who won the competition yet (it's announced at their finale dinner) we know that we gave it our best and had fun doing it!

The view from one of the walks

Attempting to slide down the hill on some paper as we couldn't find any cardboard! Was SO funny!

One of our walks around Picnic Point
200 Star Jumps! Far out!!!

Smashed it!!

Our score sheet - SO proud of us!

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Thursday 14 March 2013

for a career change!


About 6 years ago I decided perhaps there was more out there for me than just classroom teaching. I went looking for other options, I knew I still wanted to work with kids and that I wanted to continue to help them. So I settled on my Masters of Education in Guidance and Counselling. I worked full time and studied part time, attended Residential School during my school holidays and completed my final unit over Christmas holidays in 2009/2010...Finally I am STOKED to report that I have accepted a position as a Guidance Officer and will start the new role next term! 

I am really really excited! I know that I am not the only person they considered for the job, so in the spirit of Thankful Thursday I am so so so thankful that they chose me!

I know it will be another big learning curve and I am looking forward to the challenge. I am going to be based at a High School, which, as a Primary School Teacher, will be a big enough challenge on it's own. I will still have contact with small primary schools so won't have to worry about missing out on working with younger children.

So whilst I am on the countdown til the holidays and finishing up in the classroom I have SO much to do to make sure my class is all up to date and ready to hand over to the next teacher...

Wish me luck....

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Wednesday 13 March 2013

for yet another outfit update

Still winning! Only 2 and a half weeks to go! I must say though that the massive change in weather from Summer to constant rain and cold have helped this cause as it opened up so many more possibilities wardrobe wise!

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Tuesday 12 March 2013

for IBOT

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So this week I have decided not to bore you with another round up of my 12wbt week as it pretty much mirrors all the others. Some good days, some ok days, weigh in day looming tomorrow and wondering what the result will be given that I have had 2 days of no exercise and a day off work due to an excruciating headache.....

This week I want to talk about diets in general and something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now. Before I do I want to assure you that I am not a doctor, I have not researched anything in writing this blog post and these are my opinions based on my observations...Sorry if I offend anyone but it is not my intention.

So here goes.....,

I am fortunate enough to not have a big weight issue. I have never been what anyone would consider overweight and I joined the 12wbt just to feel fitter and stronger and better within myself. I am in awe of the people who made the decision to join because they were in fact overweight and have a lot of weight to lose. They inspire me to continue on my days when I think it is all getting a bit too much for I figure if they can do it what have I got to whinge about! On the forums on the website you see so many before and after photos of people who have lost massive numbers by following the program and I can't help but say WOW each and every time.

What frustrates me though is, as a school teacher who teaches 6 and 7 year olds I can already see the children who are going to struggle with their weight their whole lives and it saddens me. I have students in my Year 2 class that can barely sit on the carpet, let alone cross their legs. Ones who struggle to walk up the stairs, ones who look so uncomfortable sitting on parade in their school shorts because they are too small. Students who are picked on by other students because they can't keep up in the race or because they are bigger (and NO I don't condone it). It breaks my heart because it is not their fault they are the way they are. :'-(

Often when this subject is raised by the media, or social media, I feel the finger is pointed towards the wrong people. The finger is often pointed at teachers because we don't educate the students about healthy eating. The advertising companies for creating advertisements and gimmicks to 'suck' children in to pressuring their parents for the product. The fast food company for giving away free toys and what not if you buy from them.....HELLO.......Does anyone else see anything wrong with this!

The finger should be pointed right at the parents! I once heard one TV Personality say that we should educate the kids on healthy eating so they can educate the parents and tell their parents to buy healthy food! Yeah right! What 6 year old is going to say 'no Mummy I don't want that chocolate bar, I want an apple!' (if you have one that does WELL DONE to you!)

My school recently had a visit from the Life Education Van and the children attended a lesson on healthy eating and healthy bodies and for the most part the students, to their credit, knew all the answers to the questions about what food we should and shouldn't eat but at the end of the day, they are not the ones doing the grocery shopping or packing the lunchboxes! (I will say though that one student was devastated when told Coco Pops is not a healthy cereal option!)

And there brings me to another point! Lunch boxes!!! Or should I call them "Pre-packaged food heaven!!". On playground duty we (the teachers) carry the bins around for the children to throw their rubbish in, saves them from wondering around during eating time when they are meant to be sitting eating. It just about brings tears to my eyes to see the amount of absolutely CRAP (sorry no other word for it!) food that children bring to school. So much pre-packaged food it is beyond a joke! We can encourage families to send sandwiches and fruit to school for their children but as soon as you throw in a couple of packets of chips, some nutella, a chocolate bar...well... no prizes for guessing what gets eaten first and what gets tossed in the bin. I have a student who has an ice coffee milk for lunch every day! Every day! Ice Coffee! 6 years old! Why.......????

As mentioned I am a teacher, I am not a parent so I can't imagine how difficult it must be for parents to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their kids but don't we owe it to them to at least try? And look I'm not saying that if I do ever get the opportunity to become a parent that I won't shove a lollypop in my child's mouth to keep them quiet at one stage or another but what I am saying is that we need to have, as a society, a long hard look at ourselves, our fridges, our shopping trolleys...

As a society I know that we are getting bigger, again I stress I have not researched that fact but am sure someone has if you want to google it! I just hope somehow we can start to reverse it for our kids sake, and our kids kids sake.....

Rant over......
(but sorry couldn't help post this ecard...bit funny!)

Monday 11 March 2013

to check the bucket list...

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What would be on your bucket list?

It just so happens that a few years ago I wrote a list similar to what would I think would be my bucket list. With some inspiration from a friend of mine I decided to write a 101 Goals in 1001 Days list. The idea being exactly what the title says, write down 101 goals that you want achieve in 1001 days. 
I wrote the list in 2011 and am due to 'finish'  it in September this year..... I am sad to say, I don't think I am going to make it... in fact I am not even half way...42 out of 101 goals completed... :-(

Some are still possible and I am confident I will be able to make it past half way. For example I am currently working on number..
40.    Start the 12 week challenge AND STICK TO IT!! 

Some that I have already been able to cross off are:
14.      Pay off my personal loan - Woohoo!

15.      Increase my qualifications

16.      Stay sober at a social event by choice - seems crazy I know!

17.      Visit 5 new places within Australia - My job covering 40 schools as a Behaviour Support Teacher in South West QLD helped achieve this one!

18.      Go chocolate free for a fortnight - I KNOW! I can't believe I did it either!
34.       Do something adventurous and out of character (I went parasailing in Switzerland!                   SOOO not something I would normally do or anyone expected me to do!

85.      Donate regularly to a charity 
86.       See 2 live shows - not concerts (1 – Priscilla Queen of the Desert stage show in London, 2 – Carl Baron)
87.      Have personal training sessions

88.      Buy a lotto ticket in a big draw (won $13! WooHoo!)

  And then there are those which I really have no hope of achieving..... such as:

      6.     Participate in Ocsober (am meant to finish on the 30th of September...whoops!)
      21.   Spring clean every year (Whoops.... should have started this one straight away!)
      94.   Have a martini at the Grand Casino in Monaco (I was going to do this when I went to      Europe 2 years ago but the Prince of Monaco decided to get married the night we were there and the reception was at the Grand Casino so we weren't allowed rude! lol)
     There are also 4 that involve travelling overseas....well that's not going to happen, unless of course I try out number 88 again and win big this time!!!

But then there are some that are still definitely achievable...
     64.    Put change into someone's expired parking metre
     66.    Play a game on the beach
     72.    Donate blood 
     82.    Get another meaningful tattoo (I plan on doing this as a reward for achieving number 40.)
Then there's one I just can't believe I even considered...
     33.    Go mobile phone free for a weekend (Seriously! What was I thinking! I did go Facebook free for a weekend, perhaps I could tick that one off??)

It certainly was a hard list to write and it was funny to look back occassionally and be able to tick some off without even realising I'd done it!

So....What would be on your list??