Friday 11 April 2014

for J

is for Jorja
One of my all time favourite pics of her...such innocence
My one and only niece Jorja made quite the entrance into the world and has barely stopped to take a breath ever since! Renee had already "bagged" being there for this birth but am not sure it really turned out quite like she expected.

I was still on standby to possibly look after the 3 younger children while Renee was with Jody and her husband Gino for the birth. I had just arrived at school and was about to unlock my classroom door when my mobile rang, it was my brother-in-law. At first I thought that they were calling to say they were on their way to Toowoomba and I wasn't going to make it as I couldn't now leave work... He responded by telling me she had already had the baby, but I was confused because he was ringing from the home phone wasn't making sense to me! He tried to convince me that Jody had had the baby at home but in my state of disbelief (and the fact he is known to exaggerate and stretch the truth) I was sure he was having me on, before I knew it he had given the phone to their oldest son, Dominic who promptly informed me that "Mummy's had the baby, she's in the bathroom and it's on her belly!"...
Sure enough Jody had not in fact made it to the hospital and had given birth at home in their bathroom. I managed to speak to my other sister who was there who again confirmed what had happened and assured me that the ambulance was on their way. To top off all the excitement we also discovered that after 3 boys they were finally graced with a girl. 

The birth of Jorja even made the front page of the local can read the article here.

Jorja has certainly brought so much joy to all of us, although she's had to be one tough little cookie to deal with all her borthers, and will need to continue to be with her new twin boy cousins! Poor thing! lol...

Some more pics, just because I love them!
She utterly adores her big brother Jack

Most recent photo of her taken just this past weekend.

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