Tuesday 8 April 2014

for G

is for Gifts

As a teacher we are often lucky enough that students and parents do like to buy us gifts, especially at the end of the year.

Now it is such a lovely thought but please let it be known we do not expect it and it certainly is not the reason we became teachers in the first place! Heaven knows if it was I would have quit years ago! But for me it really is the thought that counts. The thought that a child has (possibly) pestered their parents to buy me a gift, or that the parents have appreciated what I have done for their child that year really is lovely.

Looking back over the years many many gifts spring to mind... There are always the abundance of candles, coffee mugs, dust-collectors tricket boxes and smelly soaps.  One year from a class of 21 students I got 2 presents at the end of the year (again...not that I expected any, but 2!...) and they were the exact same bottle of talcum powder.... *pulls confused face*....talcum powder... I was about 26 at the time, what did I need with talcum powder (what does anyone need with talcum powder??? Please enlighten me??)

Another present that springs to mind was from one of my favourite students of all time (I don't care what any teacher says, we have students we just click with more than others! Doesn't mean we care any more or less)... Well his status was quickly reduced upon opened his Christmas present... He had 2 presents for me so I opened one and it was a gorgeous bracelet, pink and silver, my favourites! Was so pretty... then came present number 2...a silver pen - OK, I thought, this is nice (looks a bit tacky but nice..)  I should of known something was suss when he insisted I write with it straight away... Upon pushing down the button at the top I recieved a god-awful zap and shock right up my arm!!! Little turd had bought a shock pen for me and thought it was the funniest thing in the world, his poor Mum was horrified and didn't want to give it to me (and apologised profusely afterwards) but he convinced her that I would see the funny side! I did, but I certainly didn't push to pen down again despite all the begging and pleading from the students. (I believe it may have been 'accidently' put in the bin when all the students had left!)

So to all those parents out there, your child's teacher does not 'expect' presents from you but it is nice to know that their work is appreciated and what better way to do that than with a large bottle of alcohol  perfume, movie vouchers, flowers, chocolates, massage vouchers...

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