Wednesday 9 April 2014

for H

is for Holly's Hotties

Many of you that have been following my journey for a while know that becoming fit and healthy has been a big focus for me over the past 12 months or more. I've written many times about how I started this blog to document my 12wbt journey. I completed 2 rounds in total last year and it really got me on track to living a healthy lifestyle. You can read about my first round here and my second round here, and how excited I was to reach my goal weight here.

Truth be known (and you'll know it if you've read those posts) exercise was my big downfall during the 12wbt and often I would go days without exercising, because of that I focused a lot on my eating and stuck to the meal plans as much as possible. It taught me so much about portion size as i think that was my biggest challenge, I was eating far too much, not necessarily bad food just too much food.

I've never really thought that I have had a bad weight problem but my weight has certainly fluctuated over the years! It wasn't until I looked back at that photo of me when Dominic was born that I thought...WOAH! 
 Anyway this year I decided to try something a little different, I have always been a member of a gym and I enjoyed going but felt like I needed to take my training to another level. Especially if I plan on running a half marathon this year... so that was when I decided to join a Bootcamp, Holly's Hotties to be exact. It was a bootcamp my sister had done several times before but the times that they trained just never matched with my 'life' times. (Work getting in the way as usual!) But this round Holly changed the times and they were able to work, for the most part. We trained Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm-7pm and Saturday mornings usually starting around 6am. I did miss a few sessions due to other commitments and getting home from work too late but when I could go I loved it!

She pushed us, challenged us and made us do things we never thought possible and despite times where every muscle in my body hurt and I thought I may actually die, I loved it so much I am signing up for another round! We finished a little over a week ago and I miss it! 

Now as far as results go, I am happy to report that all my measurements went down, not really by a lot, but they went down... I lost a total of 8.6cm from my body. I was not over the moon with the results but a loss is a loss and I know that I am fitter and stronger so that's the main thing!

Saturday mornings were a big fave as, despite the sometimes ridiculous early morning start, (4am!) we always did something a little bit different.. One morning we climbed Tabletop Mountain at Sunrise, 
one weekend was a Scavenger Hunt (where my team may or may not have gotten a bit lost and ended up on a 5km bushwalk...) we did a 10km run
and I just loved how these sessions were always just that little bit different and every session was totally unexpected. 
Holly at the front, surrounded by some of the Hotties!
At the end of it all we had a break up barefoot bowls where we all dressed up and just had a fun afternoon!
Myrtle and Ethel having a spot of bowls..
Holly's Hotties No. 4!
Linda and I after we won our Awards. Linda was voted Miss Most Improved and I was voted Miss Under the Radar! 

So we are having a month off now, with just an online support group still going, before Holly starts her 5th (and final ever) round of Holly's Hotties! I am super keen to give another round a go and look forward to what it has to offer!

What's your exercise of choice? Have you ever done a Bootcamp?

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