Monday 28 April 2014

for X

is for Xtreme!

Now I am a teacher and so yes I realise that extreme actually starts with an E not an X but for the purpose of this blog stick with me (couldn't come up with anything else!)

I am linking this one with Kirsty at My Home Truths for her Monday linky I Must Confess as this week's confession is what makes you weak at the knees....

Now this Xtreme post made me weak at the knees probably for all the wrong reasons. I was travelling back in 2011 and was in Interlaken in Switzerland. I had decided that on this trip I would tick something off my bucket list and do something a little bit crazy and out of character. I decided I would parasail off the Swiss Alps! arghhhh...

It was by far the most Xtreme thing that I had done and I won't deny that I was shit-scared! It was a long drive up the mountain with the tour guides, many of which spoke very broken English... "What the f#ck am I doing?" ran through my head many many times. There was times when I was certain I was going to pull the pin but Dave (my guide) was not going to let that happen. I think more than just my knees were weak as Dave pushed made me run off the side of the mountain as we lurched into the sky... I will admit that the views were breath-taking, providing I looked out, not down, and it really was an experience to remember, but not one I will replicate any time soon!

Before we 'set' off..

Some mid-air shots
Feet firmly back on the ground.
Dave reckons the smile at the end was the biggest one I gave him the whole trip and tried to convince me to go sky-diving the next thanks!!

What's the most Xtreme thing you've done?
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