Tuesday 10 February 2015

to pack for my trip!

What to pack for Thailand and Cambodia

This was something I googled and pinterested (totally a word!) and blog read about many times over the past few weeks.

I packed a few weeks ago to be honest but today I pulled it all out again to pack properly, double check I have everything and cull some stuff.

I always do this as the first time I pack I always pack way too much. Going to Vietnam last year also helped me pack for this trip as I learnt a few lessons. 

So this is just some of the main things that I have packed and why.

A large stock of toiletries.

Yep, lots and lots of toiletries. I am preparing myself for any possibility with travel calm, imodium, gastrostop, nurophen, multi-vitamins, anti-bacterial hand santizer, tampons as I have read that these types of things can be difficult to find if needed. You'll notice copious packets of travel tissues. These are an absolute must to have on you at all times, as toilet paper is not something that is used in a lot of toilets in SE Asia... I sadly learnt that the hard way in Vietnam! Good thing my fellow travellers were more prepared than I was!

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Yes it's taking up a lot of space but I seriously would not leave home without this stuff, who wants to be sick while travelling. This is also stuff that I will work through while away so I won't be carrying it the whole trip and can easily throw out at the end of the trip to make way for any shopping that may have occurred along the way.

You'll also notice some items in ziplock bags. These are a travellers best friend and are great for packaging individual toiletry items that may leak!

Kimono/light patterned cardigan

This cardigan is made from very lightweight fabric and will be great for wearing over singlets at times when shoulders need to be covered, when entering a temple for example, and for dressing up other outfits at night. 


I have 3 pairs of shorts, 2 plain and one patterned. These will get a fair workout in Thailand I am sure. I picked up the 2 plain ones for about $8 each from Big W and bought them in a size bigger as, lets face it, things have a tendency to expand whilst overseas and in the humidity I find it more comfortable if my clothes are a little looser. The patterned ones are from KMart and are again cheap ones. The reason I do this is that I am not disappointed if they get ruined in the wash and am happy to dispose of them if need be. 

Fancy Pants

My sister and I call these fancy pants due to there pretty patterns, and because I am not sure what else you would call them. Elastic in the waist and drawstrings in the legs make these pants quite versatile and extremely comfortable to wear whilst travelling. They can be dressed up or worn for casual wear. 

For my volunteer project I have been told that I will need to wear clothes that cover my knees and shoulders as a sign of respect, so I think these pants will be perfect and hopefully get me through the 4 weeks! 

Noise cancelling headphones

My sister got me these (at my request) for Christmas and I am hoping that they are awesome! Don't get me wrong, I love the screaming baby on the plane (I know you do everything you can Mum), the snoring room mate and the know-it-all-who-never-shuts-up on the bus....NOT! Sometimes you just need to be able to block out the noise and have some alone time! Am super stoked that these ones even came with the adaptor for the plane sockets!!

In addition to what I have photographed for you here I also have packed:

  • 4 shirts with sleeves that cover my shoulders
  • 3 singlet tops
  • 1 maxi dress
  • 2 short dresses
  • 1 maxi skirt
  • 2 pairs of togs
  • underwear
  • an exercise outfit (I really hope I am able to maintain some sort of exercise regime while away)
  • a washer and a microfibre towel
  • a few other bits and bobs not really worth mentioning, including my 5 must have items

I managed to fit everything into the packing cubes which I am totally in love with! I am sure I have probably packed a few too many items that I could do without but I am one of those people who will wear every item I have packed, even if it's just once, to prove that I needed it! 

There is not really anything that I am packing that I will be disappointed to dispose of if need be. 

All packed nice and snuggly in my beautiful wheelie backpack!

Have I forgotten something?
How many pairs of undies are too many?

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