Tuesday 16 September 2014

for my top 5 must have packing items

Whenever I am packing for an overseas trip there a 5 items that I always grab first....

1. Notebook/Travel Diary
I love keeping a travel diary whilst overseas to reflect on the days adventures and discoveries. I am not a massive fan of the customised travel diaries that you can get so usually just stick with a generic notebook like this awesome one I picked up from Typo!

2. Pocket Knife
 I think my parents thought I was a little strange the Christmas before my first overseas trip when I asked for a pocket knife but for me it's a must. I don't anticipate it will come in handy if I ever need to cut down a tree, but it has certainly proved it's usefulness on more than one occasion.

3. Foldable bag
This little foldable bag is great to chuck in your day bag to use as a shopping bag, swimming bag, or to hold the excess shopping you may have done. It's fabric makes it great to use for wet items and it folds up to go in that tiny little pouch you can see at the top of the picture.

4. Gadget holders
I loved these little oyster containers that I got as a special from Tupperware a few years ago. They came in a set of 2 and are fantastic for holding all those cords and power point adaptors and extra SD cards etc for your trip. I use one for that and the other for holding my jewellery and other accessories. Being pink they stand out and are easy to find in my bag.

5. Fantastic DSLR Camera Bag*
 I mentioned in my confession last week that I had been 'casing' Etsy for a while looking for a new DSLR Camera Bag that wasn't going to make me look all touristy and came across this beauty from 'Shutterbags'. Really it is a normal handbag that has had compartments and padded inserted to make it a nice cushy place for my precious DSLR Camera...
and doesn't make me look touristy at all...does it??

 What are your must have travel items? 
Anything out of the ordinary? 
Anything I need to add to my list?

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*I have been casing a new camera bag for years now, and had my eye on some Shutterbags for some time. Since then I am now an Etsy affiliate member .

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