Friday 13 February 2015

for what to wear on a long haul flight

By the time you read this I will be on my way to Thailand....or still sitting in the airport....who knows!

What to wear on a long flight? is something that needs to be given some serious thought, you want to be comfortable but unfortunately turning up in your PJs is still considered socially inappropriate (dammit!)

I am often amazed at what some people are dressed in to fly half way across the world. If I've got to seat in the same seat for any longer than 2 hours, I want to be comfortable, and there is definitely a way to do this and be stylish at the same time.

These are my tips for what to wear and still look stylish on your long haul fight

I'll be wearing something very similar to this on my flight!

Consider the climate, both where you are leaving and where you are flying to. If you are leaving somewhere cold and arriving somewhere hot you don't want to wear big bulky layers on the plane that you then won't need/use at your destination and vice versa. Layers is the perfect way around this.

I have already mentioned comfort a couple of times. I am amazed when seeing people wearing jeans, bulky pants, high heels and boots on planes. I often feel sorry for men who don't really have much choice. You have to sit in this outfit for hours on end with nowhere to go but the toilet and back. You gotta be comfortable!

To achieve this I always have a cardigan  and a nice big scarf with me. I am a big time frog and often get really cold in the air-conditioning on the plane, so these items in my carry on are a must. I am heading to Thailand and Cambodia and so I know that it is going to hot for the duration of my trip, that's why I make sure that my cardigan and scarf are light enough that I can then use when visiting temples etc. 

I wear pants with an elastic waistband that can easily expand and sit nice across your waist without digging in. Some people don't like wearing tights but I have a pair that are made from polyester spandex so they are super lightweight and stretchy. 

I also wear a pair of closed in slip on shoes, you want to  be able to get them on and off with ease but also provide warmth if need be. 

I also like to have another change of clothes in my carry on. You just never know what may happen with your luggage so I always have at least a change of underwear and pants in my carry on. This is also a good idea if you have a stop-over on the way to your destination to freshen up. 

On my way to wherever I am heading I usually only take a large handbag with me on the plane. That way it restricts me over packing and allows for any 'extra items' I may acquire on my holiday. I roll up a carry on size bag and put it in my checked luggage, and this often becomes my day pack during my trip. 

Some of the items in my extra large handbag!

My advice for essential carry on items and things that I have packed in mine include:

  • a good book
  • iPad with lots of books, movies and music loaded on it
  • laptop
  • flight stockings - yep I wear and rock those babies like a model!!!
  • camera
  • gorgeous travel journal
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • funky passport and ticket holder case
  • neck pillow
  • eye mask
  • clear toiletry bag (or ziplock bags is also good) with toothbrush, toothpaste, roll on deodorant, hand and face cream, wet ones and hand sanitizer. 
  • portable phone charger

All items contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable flight and hopefully make sure you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to get exploring!

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What are your tips for long haul flights?
Which seat do you prefer, window or aisle?

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