Friday 27 February 2015

for the factory tours, the hill tribe & the H'Mong Lodge

We had the morning free to do as we pleased but some of us decided to join Raht who took us on a tour to some of the factories. 

We visited a silk, silver, lacquer and ceramic factory, each giving us a demonstration before roaming there sales rooms. A beautiful silk cotton blend scarf may have made it's way into my handbag! I was a little surprised to be honest at the cost of some of the silver, which was much more than I would pay from a jewellery shop back home.

We returned back to the hotel with some time to wander and have lunch before heading off to our next stop. The previous day we had heard that the Princess of Thailand would be arriving and staying at our hotel. Apparently she was in town to present Graduate Certificates at a local university and stays at the same hotel as we did as there is a royal suite on the top floor.

Police and Security had been making their presence known and the hotel staff were busy scrubbing every nook and cranny and replacing all the flowers in the foyer. We were also informed that she is not well so would have her own doctor with her as well as an ambulance on standby in the carpark. 

As we were getting ready to leave red carpet was being laid and entries were being blocked off. Sadly we left before she actually arrived so there was no photo opportunity. 

So we left Chiang Mai heading for H'Mong Village Hill Tribe, stopping along the way at a butterfly sanctuary and orchid farm along the way. 

Arriving up at the Hill Tribe Village we wandered around a little. I felt a little weird to be honest, like we were there gawking at these people and their houses, but they greeted us with smiles and allowed us to take photos. {Raht told us that Thai people always smile, even if they are angry with you, they get angry with a smile, so I am not sure how these Hill Tribe people were really feeling about us being there}

Game of volleyball anyone?

Some of the land they farm and grow different vegetables etc to sell at the markets

Some of the children just arriving home from school

We were not there long before heading partly back down the hill to our accommodation for the night, the H'Mong Lodge. We had a little free time before dinner so I took the opportunity to wander the grounds snapping photos before settling in to do some blog reading and writing. 

The Lodge is so very peaceful with no sounds but that of the nature surrounding you. I was a little sad that we didn't have the time to settle in and use the amazing pool, as the climate here is a little cooler than it was down south.

A bloggers life is tough when this is your office!

We met for an included buffet dinner, which was probably one of the best dinners we had on the whole trip. 

After dinner we were entertained by some of the local Hill Tribe people with dancing, singing, instrument playing and games. The show only went for about half an hour and thankfully we were given a sheet of paper explaining what each of the 8 performances were about as I would have had no idea otherwise. 

Audience participation!

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