Friday 20 February 2015

for the flight, the first impressions & the meet up

The flight from Brisbane to Bangkok was relatively good and without too much drama. I was up way before the sun to leave Toowoomba, which is eerily quiet at 3am in the morning,  on the airport flyer for the journey to Brisbane.

Wearing my most comfortable outfit for the seven and a half hour flight to Singapore, and then the 2 hour flight onwards to Bangkok. 

Long Haul Flight Outfit - looking chirpy considering it's 2:30am!

I was a little nervous as I only had about a 45 minute time gap between my flight arriving and my flight to Bangkok leaving. My travel agent assured me I would be fine and that was enough time but knowing how big Singapore airport is I requested a seat as close to the front of the plane as possible and ended up in the second row. This meant a quick and easy exited off the plane, quick check of the departure board, wee stop before heading straight to the next departure gate, secretly praying that my bag was also following me. 

The obligatory out the window looking at the clouds photo

We arrived in Bangkok a little ahead of schedule and after finding my driver, headed  to the hotel. It was a long and stop start kind of drive weaving in and out of traffic that took a bit over an hour. My first thought was that the traffic was pretty crazy but was extremely thankful there wasn't the constant sound of horns beeping like I had experienced in Vietnam. 

I was absolutely busted by the time I got to my room that I pretty much had a shower and went straight to bed. 

I had the following day free before meeting my tour group that night. I spent the day wandering around, not venturing too far from the hotel. It was close to popular Khao San Road and within walking distance to City Hall, the Democracy Monument and the Giant Swing at Wat Suthat Temple. I think I had prepared myself for the traffic and sellers to be absolutely crazy but it wasn't that bad. I walked about 15 minutes before anyone called out to me, and mostly the ones that do are the Taxi and Tuk Tuk drivers and occasionally people offering massages, otherwise it was nice to stroll the streets in relative peace. 

Democracy Monument

The Giant Swing

That evening I met up with the rest of the tour group and group leader, a local lady by the name of Raht, in the lobby for our first group meeting. As always seems to be the case the tour is Aussie heavy with 7 of the 13 people on the tour from Australia, and five of us from Queensland. Three people, including my roomie for the next 10 days, were yet to arrive so I met them later that night. There are many travelling in pairs including, a couple from the US, a couple from the UK, a couple from Townsville, a mother & daughter from Sydney, and BFFs from Mackay, my roomie is from Canada and then there is one older lady travelling solo from the UK as well. 

After our meeting we wandered again to Khao San Road which becomes a mecca at night as it transforms into a walking street with locals selling all kinds of arts and crafts, fancy pants, t-shirts, street food and anything else you could possibly imagine. Amongst the stalls and local restaurants were a KFC, McDonalds, Burger King and Boots (UK Pharmacy), so there really is something to suit everyone's needs!

Khao San Road

By the time we returned to the hotel my roomie had arrived and was already in bed ready to sleep after a long hectic trip from Canada, after missing a flight in Tokyo.

Intrepid Tour...ready, set....let's go!

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