Thursday 28 August 2014

to be awesome!

This week at The Lounge the following question has been posed....

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What makes you awesome?

Sometimes I am so much of an introvert that it both scares and annoys me!
Yep, I think that this picture describes me to a T! I think the only one that is not necessarily true is "I can't stand small talk", that's probably not technically true, it's probably more correct to say "I'm not good at small talk". If people ask me questions and show interest in getting to know me I can talk no worries, but I struggle to instigate a conversation!.

Confessing this on the morning of the day that I am about to head off to the ProBlogger Conference scares the beegeeves out of me! I am nervous just thinking about it. According to the Facebook group there are 596 people going....five hundred and ninety-six....that's 594 people that I am going to be hanging around that I don't know... Well some of them I feel like I know quite personally but have never met them in person and feel like I'm either going to be speechless or a rambling mess and leave people wondering why the hell they bothered wasting all that time reading this! I think I probably come across as being so much more confident on here than I really am in 'real life'. I am reminded of the Brad Paisley lyrics 'I'm so much cooler online!"....

Over the years I have been told by people that are now friends that upon first meeting me they thought I was either shy or stuck up..or somewhere in between.When The Lounge asked 'what makes you awesome?' I am too much of an introvert to blow my own trumpet so I took to my blog Facebook page and put the shout out to my family and friends and for a while there it was touch and go and quite concerning...In 24 hours I only had one response... Buying gumboots to attend a 3year olds bday party in the rain!!!... (yep I did that!) If you missed those check out my Instagram! Just passed the 24 hours mark the introvert in me was wondering if that was all that really made me awesome and that maybe perhaps I am really not that awesome after all...sitting across from me I asked my sister why she hadn't written anything and when she responded...'I couldn't think of anything' I really began to worry! Eventually I got 2 responses:

Your determination, dedication, loyalty and caring nature.

followed shortly by..

You just are.....and that is more than enough.

from 2 very dear friends of mine. It's taken a fair amount of time, and whilst there are times when I wish I was more of an extrovert, I am growing more and more confident in the fact that I am who I am and I'm ok with that....and I am...

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