Monday 18 August 2014

to confess jobs I would never do

This week's prompt for I Must Confess link up being hosted by Toni at Finding Myself Young, is a follow on from previous prompts, what would you tell your younger self....

I must confess that I don't necessarily want to keep looking back but I would probably tell myself to look after myself more. At 35 I have a few ongoing heath issues that could have been prevented had I looked after myself a little better when I was younger.

But this post I want to confess off topic for a bit and follow on from last weeks prompt. I've written and confess a bit lately about my desire to leave my job and amongst all this I have had people ask me what I would do instead.

I must confess...I have no idea and that's probably why I haven't made the move. Sometimes I think (and I tell my students) that sometimes to work out what you want to do, it's good to work out what you don't want to do...

So here's 5 careers I know I won't be entering...

1. Nursing - these people are amazing..they save lives and I don't think they get the credit they deserve. I did at one time think that nursing was what I wanted to do. In year 10 I did work experience in a hospital convinced it was the career for me. It wasn't long into that week that I realised it wasn't for me.

2. Journalist - Despite the fact that I don't necessarily have a creative way with words, I don't think I could be a journalist. But that's not the only reason. I can certainly see many perks to being a journalist, as I sit here writing this whilst watching a Alison Langdon on 60mins interview the Edgerton brothers thinking I could handle hanging out in LA interviewing hot celebrities. But obviously not everyone starts their career there. One day last year I was travelling home from work. It's an hour commute along a main highway and I was fuelling up for the drive home when a fire truck flew through town heading in the same direction I would be driving...shortly followed by a Police car. "Man I hope there hasn't been an accident" was my thought...Sure enough there was. I got stopped by a policeman on the road, 2 cars had collided and later I heard there were 2 deaths. While I sat there waiting to be let pass I noticed on the opposite side of the road a journalist from the local paper with her clipboard and long lens camera. "Far out piss off lady" was what I thought, I couldn't believe that people were being cut out of cars fighting for their lives and she's there with her bloody camera trying to take photos and get a good headline. I felt a little sick but then realised she was just doing her job. It would be those types of stories and that type of work that I just could not do.

3. Psychologist - In my current role I am expected to do 'counselling' with students. I have a Masters degree that says that I can. It's not something that I am always comfortable with doing. There are some whispers that eventually my role in Queensland schools will not exist and Psychologists will be employed instead. Some of my colleagues are preparing that by going back to University to get there Psychology degree...this is not something that has crossed my mind. Again I am in awe of these people who spend their days listening to other people's troubles and trying to guide them through it, but I don't think that is for me.

4. Defence Force - I did army cadets at High School. It was fun, and mostly I, like many of the other girls in my year, did it pretty much because it was compulsory for the boys to do it, and I'd heard the bivouac's were fun. There was one time where my Mum had said to me at the end of Year 12 that perhaps if I didn't get into University I could join Army. Ummmm nope! Sorry, heading off to war torn countries, being shot at, shooting people just really isn't my thing. (I know they do so much wonderful work as well)

5. Emergency Service Workers - Similarly to the above, I don't think that I could be a Police or Ambulance Officer. I know every career has positives and negatives but I think there would be so much pain, suffering and dangerous situations in these jobs that I am not sure my sensitive little self could handle it. I absolutely respect and take my hat off to these people and sometimes I don't think they get the respect that they deserve and often these people, police in particular, put their lives at risk each and every day.

So while I am still trying work out what I do want to do I am ticking and crossing a few requirements off my list.

Are you doing your dream job? 
What would you do if you weren't doing what you are doing now?
What job would you never do?

Linking up my Confession with Toni from Finding Myself Young, while Kirsty enjoys her break! 
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