Monday 4 August 2014

to reflect..

This weeks prompt for I must confess has been set by this weeks guest host Lisa at Button Brain...

"What would your 18 year old self say to you? "

Well that certainly got me thinking....

A few weeks ago I turned 35, I guest blogged over at Snippets and Spirits and talked about how I felt about that..if you haven't seen it you can read it here

So that and this prompt got me thinking and I must confess my 18th and my 35th birthdays had some similarities, drinks with friends that had me waking up the morning after wondering what the hell I was thinking being the main one!! 

I must confess sometimes it's easy for me to think that not a whole lot has changed in my life and at times I feel like I am stuck in such a rut and on a merry-go-round that's going nowhere, so this has been a great reflective post.

So what would 18 year old Zita think of 35 year old Zita...

I think she would be so proud of my career achievements - 6 months into her teaching degree she probably wasn't sure if she'd make it let alone go on to get her Masters!

I think she'd be amazed at where I've lived and moved to because of work. I think she'd think I was brave for making those moves.

I think she would be impressed with me taking off overseas and visiting so many places and seeing so many wonderful things, she'd probably wonder why I haven't been to more places, and why I didn't follow my dreams of packing up and moving overseas...she's being tsking and shaking her head.

I think she'd be a little surprised that I am still single...even though she was single at 18 she was sure she would finish Uni, meet someone (not necessarily in that order) teach for a few years and then be married and be popping out a few kids. 

18 year old Zita wasn't really that interested in health and fitness, she pretty much ate and drank what she wanted when she wanted, and although she wasn't necessarily happy with her body she was living the great uni life, so I think she would be pleased with how I am doing now (now I just wish 18 year old Zita knew how hard it was going to be and took better care of herself!!)

I think 18 year old Zita would tell me to get off my butt and forget about what you thought your life should have been, quit moaning about how it hasn't turned out like you had planned it and just get on with only have one life, you're not getting any younger so get out there and live it!! 

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