Tuesday 10 September 2013

to discuss scarves....


That's the number of scarves I have just counted hanging in my closet.... some might call that extreme or obsessive... I call it the perfect accessory! (or accessories as it turns out!).

a view inside my wardrobe at some of my many scarves.....

I just love how a scarf can brighten up an outfit! So when my friend from Scarf Girl offered me a scarf to give away on my blog it was a no-brainer! She has some beautiful spring scarves ready to sell to you. I had such a hard time picking one that I, of course, walked out with 2 and one to give away..

So here is my attempt at my first ever blog giveaway! be kind

1.  Head over to Facebook and 'like' Scarf Girl
2. Comment below about your favourite accessory and why..

**Conditions of entry (now I feel like a real pro!)
You must like Scarf Girl on Facebook. (and while you are there check out some of her new scarves)
You must be an Australian resident (apologies to all my international fans! lol)
Winner will be drawn via the old fashion way (all legitimate entrant names put in a hat!)
Competition closes 5pm Friday 13th September 2013.
Only one entry per person

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  1. YAY, you're doing a giveaway - GO GIRL! So stoked for you.
    I just went over to Scarf Girl - my mum LOVES scarfs :)
    My favourite accessory is a great big chunky wooden bracelet, my favourite is my red and black striped one - I just never have an excuse to wear it!

  2. Ohhh I have lots, but my favourite is a silk scarf that my mother had. Its brightly coloured and full of memories, I wear it when I need cheering up :)

  3. I'm a huge fan of scarves, but don't have nearly enough (barely a 10th of what you have!). My favourite accessory would probably be .... do hair extensions count? I am loving them! :-) I recently got a really pretty 3-strand gold necklace, I love the look of it, the only problem is the tangling!! At least scarves don't do that. Congrats on your first give away, too! ;-) Aroha

  4. My fave is a silk leopard print scarf that I bought in Bursa, Turkey. I only wear it on special occasions ;)

  5. I love scarfs! I don't have as many as you do, only about 15 which will probably change after looking at the scarf girl facebook page!

    My favourite accessories are earrings! I have tea cups, tea pots, buttons, 80's retro styles, different coloured fabric ones, roses ... I love them!!

  6. I have a hatstand full of gorgeous scarves, but I must admit my favourite is MY LONG, CHUNKY CHAIN PENDANT.
    With all sorts of charms and 'jewels' and a mix of silver and gold, it goes with everything.

    And, like a scarf, it instantly lifts any outfit!

  7. My black Fedora with a purple hatband - never go anywhere without it

  8. Scarf of course, perfect for every weather and every situation.

  9. Whoa, you have an epic scarf collection! Cool giveaway :) I love rings - they can make your outfit edgy, classy, or just rocking awesome! Also they're great for self-defense and add that extra kick to a sucker punch. JUST KIDDING :P

  10. I don't have one scarf! Possibly cause I live in Darwin and I have no idea what to do with them :)

  11. We moved to Sydney from Brisbane at the beginning of winter so my favourite accessory has been my purple woolen scarf as it has helped me adjust to the colder weather :)

  12. My favourite accessory are earrings! I love the dangly ones.