Tuesday 24 September 2013

for a holiday!

The last few weeks have been crazy busy to say the least, so much has gone on that I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. No doubt there will be a blog post (or 10) about it when I have it sorted in my head but for now I am just absolutely, totally, utterly, without a shadow of a doubt ready for a holiday!

I guess technically holidays started yesterday but I have been so busy doing all those jobs I never get to during the school term, I feel like my holiday is not really starting until tomorrow. Tomorrow I fly to Townsville for 11 days to visit some friends and saying I cannot wait is a bit of an understatement.

When I booked the flights months ago I decided I was too cheap to pay for checked luggage (anyone else find that a total rort??) so went off to the local luggage store and bought myself a new lightweight carry on suitcase. My friends laughed at me (they know me well) when I sent them a piccie of my new luggage but I was determined!

So determined I even searched Pinterest for tips on how to pack for a 2 week trip in a carry on! I was amazed at how many blogs I came across with awesome tips on how to do it!

So, of course, I decided to steal the idea and write my own blog about how I have packed for an 11 day trip in a carry on! So here's my top 5 tips....

1: Buy lightweight luggage - that way you can pack more. I chose one that was about 2.1kg so that leaves me just under 8 kgs of luggage. I also bought an extra large handbag that will hold my ipad, book, magazine, water bottle, camera etc which allows me to take more without penalty! (in hindsight though, and you'll read below, I should have bought a black one but I didn't)

2: Check the weather....well that was easy...it's North Queensland...it only knows one temperature....HOT!
High 20's with 0% chance of rain.....YAY!!!

3: Choose a colour... I am a bit of a matchy matchy kind of girl, If I'm wearing a brown belt then I want brown shoes and a brown bag (or at least a matching one) and the same with black...So when trying to limit your luggage choose a colour or colours and work around them, I have chosen black and coral. Also chose neutral items and add a pop of colour through a scarf or other accessories!
Yep, that's it...3 pairs of shoes!! (and my friends all over the world gasp in disbelief! lol)  

 If you are wondering what that is in my joggers.. it's socks and my sports bras.. Fill every space! lol..

One dress and one maxi skirt - a must!

5 tops - a few neutral and a few prints

4 bottoms - in this case all shorts (plus a pair of jeans, not pictured)

Some exercise outfits - yes we are those crazy people who exercise on holidays! No excuses!

4: Roll and flatten... I am a bit of a fence sitter when it comes to which is better and generally go a bit of both. I rolled my tops and secured them with a hair band... then folded my bottoms flat so they were the same measurements as my joggers when place on top
of them..

Just need to add my toiletry bag
5: Wear your bulkiest items on the plane - even though I am flying to sunny NQ I never leave home without a pair of jeans, and in this case with the flight not being terribly long, I can get away with wearing them on the plane (if it was a long haul flight to London it would be a different story)
My outfit for the flight

Bought the handbag before deciding on my colours... (I do have a little neutral clutch in)

It also helps to visit friends that are a similar size in clothes and shoes to you so you can borrow! Lol...

A few items that I have packed, I won't be disappointed if they don't come home with me. I know what I am like and no doubt a few new purchases will be made. One of the things we are doing while I am visiting is The Color Run! Am so excited! So I am taking up my old old joggers, so they will be the first things to be left behind to make some room for other purchases!

Another highlight of my trip is CMC Rocks North Queensland.... being BIG country music fans we are just a wee bit excited about that!

Am hoping that my body clock realises it's on holidays soon as I have not slept past 6am so far!

Stay tuned for some holiday snaps and stories to come!!!!

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  1. I'm very impressed, but I just have one question - what if you go shopping???? How will you bring your purchases home?? LOL, my husband would be rolling his eyes at me right now! Have a wonderful time xxxx

    1. Got that covered....am taking my old joggers and some old clothes that I am prepared to leave behind in Townsville if need be!

  2. Have a wonderful time and thanks for the tips on travelling light. I may be making a weekend trip to Townsville in the near future so it's good to know I can get away with carry on luggage we have the 1.8kg cabin bag !!!
    Travel safely !

  3. I reckon I could travel with only carry-on but not for two weeks, maybe 5 days max so I am impressed! I am also a big fan of rolling clothes to pack, my husband introduced me to it and I've never looked back.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  4. wow go you! I don't think, actually I know, I couldn't pack that light for that long! I love that new bag by the way, what's wrong with brown!? It's gorgeous! Hope you have a fantastic time away, and I'm looking forward to hearing about what's bee going on! xo Aroha

  5. Perfect packing, and after visiting my sister in Cairns recently, the less the better, especially when it comes to bulk, you are quite clever at this! Mental note to ask you for help next time I need it. Have a ball, enjoy, go nuts and can't wait to see the pics :) Em @ Have A Laugh On Me :) x

  6. Well done on the packing light! I suck at packing light lol. You could probably post back any items that can't fit into your luggage for cheaper than purchasing extra baggage too.

    1. Absolutely Tegan! I have been known to do that as well! ;-)

  7. Um, bra and socks rolled in your sports shoes. Genius, clever girl. Xx