Friday 13 September 2013

for FFS Friday

It's been awhile since I participated in a FFS Friday post but this week I feel I must....

I drive approximately 82km to work most days (and back) FFS...
34km of that is through road works, where the speed zone is 90km and it's double white lines which, for those of us who actually know and respect the road rules know that that means NO overtaking FFS.. Thereis no way you could plead ignorance and say you didn't see the sign, they are literally every 500m FFS...

Last Friday I was at a Professional Development course which finished at about half past 2 and after a weeks worth of 6pm finishes I was keen to get home. I complained to some colleagues that I had to get fuel and wished I had of gotten it that morning. While I was fuelling up, 2 ambulances and 1 fire truck went past, sirens blaring... FFS

I came up behind the 3 car accident soon after I left town.... Police, Firies, Ambos everywhere... :-( FFS
I had to sit there for about 5/10 minutes before I was able to get around the scene, while I was waiting I noticed a journalist on the opposite side of the road with her long lens camera taking photos...FFS... I couldn't help but be angry with her and thank my lucky stars I never wanted to be a journalist because I couldn't handle that! The I thought...."Thank god I had to get fuel"...

I later heard that one person had died and another seriously was seriously injured in hospital FFS...
I don't understand how the accident happened..... 90km, dead straight stretch of road with NO overtaking.... All I can think was that someone was impatient FFS....

Monday morning on the same stretch with the same rules 3 cruiser utes were overtaking people and
speeding beyond belief and I was gobsmacked FFS....


This week also saw my tenants FINALLY be evicted from my house after years of falling behind in rent and fights with my real estate agent...FFS

My property manager emailed me to tell me that the house was not cleaned when they left and there was some damage and I had better have a look at it myself... FFS

I went and did an inspection and words will fail to describe the disgustingness that was once My beautiful little home....FFS

How can people live like that FFS?
He do people just not pay rent FFS.?
How can they walk away from a place that is not theirs and not care about how they have left it FFS?
Now I am going to have to spend god knows how much to fix it up and get it to a state where I can sell it FFS!!!

When I got home from that I then had a phone call from a clinic where I had a procedure done earlier in the year telling me that my health insurance wasn't gong to take care of the bill because on review of my cover they realised I was not covered for that procedure so now I have to pay the $602!!!!! FFS...

Ironically I am writing this Thursday night and today just happens to be R U OK? Day..... So my answer in short is...

NO!!!! FFS
(But tomorrow is a new day and so is the one after that and the one after that and I will get up, dust myself off and get on with it...coz that's what I do!)

Thank F it's Friday is all I can say....



  1. Oh God! What a week. I hate to tell you this, but your link over at Grace's is not linking to your site. Unless it's just me. It probably is. Hope you're having a better day today :)

    1. ah you were right, in my brain dead sleep deprived stupour this morning I linked my link back to Grace's page...doh!!!
      today was better thanks, but I got to say... THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

  2. Gosh - poor you, I hope you get some good news next week is all I can say! And I"m glad you were nowhere near that crash. I frequently watch near misses before my eyes on the roads and just pray to the road gods that I will not find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Morons is right!!

  3. OMG Zita! What a nightmare! I hate when people - especially big 18 wheeler semi trailers, drive stupidly and put everyone at risk. I think I'll be joining in with this FFS Friday next week! Will be good to get some things off my chest! x Aroha