Wednesday 3 July 2013

to share some highlights from the week that was...

Some highlights from the week that was whilst I enjoy my holidays!

Visiting my bestie, these are her them like they are my own! xox

Climbing Tabletop Mountain despite the rain the night before and the mud and wet and slippery rocks!.....

all to enjoy this beautiful sunrise!

How was your week?

Linking up with these lovely ladies for Wordless Wednesday!
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  1. Love the first pic! You look so happy :)

  2. Beautiful photos - looks like you are having a great break :-)

  3. Great week you had, love the sunset photo. Brave of you to climb with all of the rain and mud!!

  4. Great pic of you atop that mountain (well it's a hill compared to what we call mountains in NZ ;) hee hee.
    Week not bad, can't wait for the weekend though, to have reinforcements, eg hubby :) x
    BTW, thanks for your LOVELY words yesterday, very thoughtful and much appreciated.

  5. This is my first time over here - hello! And well done on climbing tabletop mountain :)