Friday 19 July 2013

for the weekend...

Another week almost over and so it's time for things I know this week....

I know....

that this week it's great to be a Queenslander.....If you are an NRL fan then Wednesday night was one of the biggest games this year. The decider between NSW and QLD was an intense and at times breath-holding game with QLD coming out on top, just, and claiming an 8th straight series in a row! All credit to NSW though as they certainly played tough and strong but on the scoreboard (where it matters) QLD was on top at the end of the 80 minutes! WOOOTTT!

that I have been at PD at QTAC in Brisbane and it's bloody confusing! QTAC stands for the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre and is the organisation that sorts through all the Year 12 university applications. Part of my role is to support the Year 12's through this ver daunting application process and so I need to get my head around it and it is damn confusing!

that I am so looking forward to the weekend as it has been a crazy out of routine week and I am looking forward to getting home this afternoon and praying to the Roadwork Gods for a relatively clear run home!

that I have no idea what they are doing on the Toowoomba Range apart from clearing  A LOT of trees and making a mess... (can any Toowoombaites explain it to me??)

that I am getting more and more disturbed by some of the stories I see on the news. Last night on the news it was report that 2 violent offenders got reduced sentences because they confessed.....this seems terrible to me!! Admit that you did that horrendous thing and we'll go easier on you!!! hmmmmm........

that I am a little excited to wake up this morning and see Eddy on Sunrise reporting the weather surrounded by lots and lots of cowboys!

that I need sleep...... I hate that over the holidays I can sleep no worries, fall asleep fine, don't wake up during the night, lazily wake up when I am ready....during the term it's the complete opposite! Can't get to sleep, restless nights, waking up at least twice during the night, this morning I woke up a full hour before my alarm was due to go off and 10 minutes after I get up I am yawning and wanting to go back to bed.

that I can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow.....could it be possible that I have turned into one of those crazy people that looks forward to going to the gym and has withdrawals when they can't get there....???

that organising an excursion in a school off 850+ teenagers has an indescribable level of frustration!

that I am a sucker for a good reality singing show and the ads for X Factor give me goosebumps!!

that I decided not to do any school work Tuesday night and instead created a Facebook page for my blog and adding the link on here!!! Thanks to Google I did it all by myself!! WOOT! Have you liked me on Facebook yet!!?? Go on!!!! You know you want to!!!!!

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  1. Didn't really care about the State of Origin...had a feeling Qld would win even though NSW keeps saying "it's our year". I've been hearing that since 2006...

    Oh I am one of those crazy people who gets withdrawal symptoms not going to the gym. And I haven't been to the gym since last Tues thanks to being sick and then this week being away on holidays. I am actually looking forward to Monday so I can start my gym routine again!

    And yay on your FB page! :)

    Happy Friday!

    1. Was SO good to get back there!!! Hope you had a lovely break, routine is always good though!!

  2. Oh I know what you mean by sleep during the holidays and school terms! What's with that?! It's driving me crazy!

    My house was sooo loud on Wednesday night watching the game! I had 3 sad teenagers and a sad husband at the end of it. Good on QLD, but BUGGA!!! LOL

    I don't envy your dealing with stressed out Yr12 students. I have two at the moment and it's hell enough! Times that by how many you deal with and I would be in hospital from a stress breakdown!!

    MC x

    1. Certainly not fun times ahead for me but exciting for them I suppose! Definitely counting down til next lot of holidays.... Is that wrong? Lol...

  3. obviously you're not thinking about work on your holidays which is great! just need a way to switch off during term! and organising that camp sounds like a nightmare! Best of luck to you! x Aroha

    1. I know Aroha!!! Perhaps I'll try counting sheep!! Lol...

  4. We used to live in Toowoomba when my husband was in the army - it's a gorgeous place - but what are they doing to the range??! I will have to look this up!

  5. Hi Zita,

    Regarding the range, they are basically re-landscaping the entire decent. There won't be those steep cliffs right next to the side of the road anymore so no worrying about landslides. Also it will now have about 4 turns the entire way down. The one at the top and minor one right at the bottom won't change. In between there will basically be a large softer curve to the right up the top, it won't come around as far, before it turns back around to the left to reconnect to that last downhill straight where the speed limit changes to 80. Those will be the only turns so it should be way better for trucks. I have no idea what the speed limit will be, probably hasn't been decided and I guess because of the trucks etc it may not change. DMR did do up a birds eye plan of the site and stuck it in a fact sheet, but I haven't checked if they published that on the web anywhere.

    It should be really great once it is done, I am looking forward to it. But I know that the one lane and reduced speed limits and constant traffic jam while it is constructed is a pain for everyone. Having just had to drive to Brisbane and back yesterday I really do get the frustration it is causing. Then again from your point of view you could probably say welcome to your life with constant roadworks making your trip home long and somewhat miserable.

    Hope that clears it up a bit,

  6. We have a stressed out Year 11 student... that is tough enough!
    Toowoomba Range is indeed frustrating right now but in the end it will mean a much safer drive by my understanding (and it's difficult to see it that way right now if you're stuck in that traffic regularly!).
    You sure know quite a bit this week!
    Hope your weekend is out of this world! ;)

    1. I try not to get too frustrated by the roadworks as I know it'll be better in the long run! :)

  7. Wow I can't imagine trying to organise an excursion - logistical nightmare! Go you for creating new page. Taken me ages to get here because having less screen time over weekends these days :) Em

  8. We are not really into the Footy and so we didn't know who won till we heard everyone talking about it :)
    And gee your Job sounds Huge - helping Year 12 Students through there journey, and organising School Excursion :)I don't think that I would be sleeping much either.
    At least you can catch up during school holidays, you must be looking forward to the Christmas break....this years seems to be flying bye.