Friday 5 July 2013

to go back to work :'-(

2 weeks of holidays are rapidly coming to an end and I don't like that one little bit!

So here's what I know about holidays....

I know that I could totally get used to this whole staying at home business.... :-)

I know that the only way I could really do that was if I won the lotto.... :-(

I know that I never actually buy tickets in the lotto so that chances of that happening are zilch so I best just suck it up and prepare myself for work.... :-(

I know that holidays are a fantastic time to catch up with wonderful friends who I don't get to see as much as I would like during the term.... :-)

I know that most of these catch ups involve eating out (morning teas, lunches, dinners etc) which is lovely but doesn't help my 12wbt eating plans (which kind of went out the window).... :-) and :-(

so I know that being on holidays is good for my soul and my mental health but it is not good for my waist and bank balance.... :-) and :-(

I know that 2 weeks have passed and I haven't quite done all the jobs on my TO DO list.... :-(

I know that the 2 weeks leading up to holidays draaaaag on while the 2 weeks of actual holidays fly by... :-(

I know that my body has gotten used to sleeping in and it is going to totally freak out when my alarm goes off Monday morning at 5:25am.... :-(

I know that the days of rolling outta bed and going to the gym at 8:30am are over (at least for another 11 weeks!).... :-(

I know that I am not looking forward to driving that bloody highway to work every day again.... :-(

I know that for the first time in a long time I am really really enjoying my job.... :-)

I know that being back at work means routine and routine is good.... :-)

I know that in 11 weeks time I will be on holidays again! (bite me... you could have been a teacher! lol).... :-)

I know that in that 11 weeks the weather will start to get warmer and daylight hours longer!.... :-)

I know that I will now have less time for blog reading, commenting and posting.... :-(

I know that I best get off here now and start this back to school preparation!.... :-(

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  1. LOL - yes it's sad when holidays have to come to an end !!! But, if we were on holiday all the time we wouldn't apprecaite them much would we ???
    Enjoy the last few days and take care !

  2. I guess we all feel like this as holidays draw to a close, no matter what our job.

  3. Don't you just hate it when holidays come to an end? I have about two months maternity leave left until I go back to work after 12 months off! Arrgh!

  4. I always get "end of holidays" blues! But I figure, it means that I had an awesome time and that's better than the other alternative. Good luck getting back to the swing of things at work! I'm sure you'll be fine!

    1. Thanks Grace! Am looking forward to having some routine back in my life (or some version of it! lol)

  5. I have just over a week to go before the kids go back to school... and I am more than happy to hand them over to their teachers now lol It's noisy and crazy during the holidays around here. I have no idea how you guys do it with 30+ kids in your classrooms!

    I am enjoying sleeping in though - sssshhhhh I am totally out of bed with them every morning *whistles*

    Enjoy your remaining days of freedom!

    MC x

  6. Wow that is an early start for school term - no wonder you're not looking forward to heading back. And you know what it doesn't matter you didn't get all the stuff you needed to do done, because hopefully it meant you did more of the things you wanted to!
    I know that I have gained 3kg and I'm mad as hell about it - but still haven't found motivation to do anything about it :( xxx