Tuesday 16 July 2013

for a 12wbt update...

It's been a while since I blogged about my progress so here goes...

I have just started week 10 of my second round of the 12wbt challenge. I had decided to stay on for a second round as I was determined to give this my all after having some injuries prevent me from exercising as much as I would have liked during the first round....

It didn't really take long for the wheels to start wobbling as I tried to juggle the expectations of the program and the expectations of me and my life..

I spent some time a few weeks ago reflecting on what it was that I really wanted out of this and decided it was time to refocus... you can read about that here..

So now I have more or less moved right away from the 12wbt designated meal and exercise plans. I have by no means given up and I am still checking the meal plans, printing off new recipes and living by the philosophies of the program but I have made it suit me and my lifestyle..

I am very close to calling myself a runner. I am following the program I downloaded almost to a T, even running 7km non-stop on the treadmill on Sunday! Something I am not sure I could have done 3 months ago. I have been pushing myself and making sure that my times improve EVERY time, even if it is just by 30seconds! My weight has plateaued but I am not terribly concerned. I am only 1kg off my goal weight but I am not focusing on that because I just feel so much better in my skin now. I know, as like any woman, I will never be 100% happy with my body and there will always be things that I want to change but feeling good in my skin is something I haven't felt for a while.
Some inspiration I have beside my treadmill...My gym class timetable, motivational poster, running program where I keep track of my times and tick off when I'm done, and my 30 Day Ab Challenge I was attempting in June...will fess up and tell you it didn't happen! :-(
 Over the holidays we were lucky enough to have some beautiful weather in Toowoomba so I took advantage of it and ran outside for the first time in a loooong time just to see if I could do it! And I gotta say my time was better than the treadmill. I downloaded this app to my iphone to track my distance and time!
There's many out there but this is the one I have "Map My Run"

I knew the key to my success this term was to spend some time over the holidays getting organised. I had a massive big cook up one day to the point where I had to go and buy more containers and clean out my freezer to make room! and then stop because I ran out of room... Before I knew it I had 31 frozen meals ready to go! While I still download and look at the meal plans from Mish I find that I am coping really well on my own. I know what and how much I can eat and still count the calories and 95% of what I eat comes from her recipes. I still will cook 'fresh' meals from time to time but it so handy knowing that I can just grab something and defrost/reheat and I am still eating 'Mish approved".

some of my many many meals all now in the freezer ready!

As soon as work started I knew things would get crazy and I was NOT wrong..... We have only been back at school for one week but I feel like I have completed a months worth of work already. This term is a big one for Year 12's as they do their QCS tests as well as applying for University. Year 10's are also making big decisions around what they want to do next year as. Year 11's have had one Semester of subjects and many of them came to the realisation that Year 11 is harder than they thought and so I starting completing numerous subject change forms! So I had a never ending line up of students come through my office for subject information, subject changes, uni advice, traineeship advice, general counselling (I'm being bullied, I'm stressed, I'm not getting along with my parents etc etc...and here is where I secretly thank god I am not a teenager anymore!) as well as sorting through the mountain of paperwork that has arrived during the holidays from universities, organising students to go to 2 upcoming career expos.... So a typically day for me looks like:

5:30/40am ish - Alarm goes off and I am in complete denial as it is still pitch black outside, get dressed (I always try and have organised what I am wearing the night before as I will stand there and look at my ridiculously overflowing wardrobe and think I have nothing to wear.. lol..). Go downstairs, have breakfast, pack my lunchbox etc etc

6:45am ish - leave for work - I have to be out of here no later than 7am to ensure I get to work on time given the state of the roadworks and I like to go that little bit earlier to avoid the school zones which kick in at 7am

8:00-8:30am - Arrive at school, check my appointment book, my pigeonhole, my emails and get ready for my first appointment.

9:10-3:05 - Back to back appointments with very little time to stop. Each appointment is scheduled 35mins. It's always hard to tell, some go for longer, others much shorter. Appointments aren't scheduled during break times but I always have kids just drop in, which is fine... (unless I am busting to go to the toilet! lol)

3:05 - 4:00pm ish - Continue working on all the things I didn't get done during the day now all the kids have gone home. I like to try and be out of school by 4 but that's not always possible.

4:00pm - Drive home

5:30pm ish - Get home from work, don't sit down or I know I won't get back up, get changed straight away and do whatever exercise is scheduled for me but usually jump on my treadmill and run while I watch Ellen!...

6:30pm - Have shower

7:00pm - Have dinner (either cook or something from the freezer) and watch Home and Away - my down time!

7:30pm onwards - Continue to work on anything that still needs to be done or sloth on the couch with the ipad

9:30pm ish - bed..... and wait for it all to start again tomorrow!!!

Friday is my exercise rest day and I relish it!! My weekends are then usually spent working out at the gym and catching up on all those jobs I don't get done at home during the week. Cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, catching up with friends and so on...

So with a little under 3 weeks to go I am hoping that I can continue the great start I've had to the term and look forward to writing about my results!

Stay tuned.......

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  1. good on you for getting organized! I always think it would be nice to be able to live a life of luxury and have time to prepare healthy meals and exercise for hours every day! it's just not reality. you are doing fantastic! keep it up! x Aroha (#teamIBOT)

    1. oh I wish I lived a life of luxury instead a life of mayhem!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow I love your organisation, of course that is the key. Good luck.

  3. That is good that you watch TV when you exercise - I should do that. LOVE the frozen meals idea - and I look forward to seeing results. ps HATE waking up in the dark x

  4. Oh my...your schedule is pretty full on! And I thought I had a long way to travel to and from work! But yes, you have to be so organised to stick with it all! I did one round of 12wbt and like you, I didn't focus on the scales as much but rather how I felt. Post the program, I have managed to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime and have lost more weight and am way fitter. I liked the program for giving me that kickstart to change my life. Good on you! :)

    1. Thanks! I am like you, I don't think the lifestyle I led was that bad but signing on definitely gave me the kickstart I needed!

  5. You are doing a great job - you certainly are well organised (which I believe is the key to a healthy lifestyle). You are so motivating and I love how you just keep going.
    Keep up the good work !
    Have the best week !

  6. It sounds like you are doing fabulously well! I need to get more organised to fit in exercise.

  7. Oh well done you - I have fallen of the exercise bandwagon with a crash lately - I'm just too darn busy.

    Frozen meals are so the way to go, I'm totally with you on that one.

  8. Wow! Well done!

    I'm determined to get fit and start eating healthily but haven't started yet. We are moving house in a few weeks and I'm telling myself that I'll do it after we move.

    I better stick to that deadline :D