Thursday 25 September 2014

For what made me smile so much in Vietnam today!

Put this on your 'Must do in Vietnam' list!!

I have been in Vietnam for about 4 days and I have so much to blog about but wanted to share this story now as it was certainly a highlight.

We just got back from a Cyclo tour around Hue. We were picked up by our drivers (or should that be riders) from our hotel at 4pm and driven around the city.

My cheeky driver and I. 

We stopped off at a few places along the way to our destination, a dinner with a local family at their house.

We seemed to have a slight tyre malfunction which I am NOT putting down to all the food I have eaten!

As we drove through the back streets of Hue passed peoples houses I felt somewhat like a celebrity as women and children came running out of their houses to wave and say hello! The children were just gorgeous as they waved and screamed 'hello...hello' and would laugh and giggle when we waved and said hello back.

As we rode past what appeared to be a bar some young guys yelled out hello, followed by what seemed to be 'I love you'.... and then an eruption of laughter followed. I can't say for all certainty that it was directed at me, but I'll take what I can get!

We arrived at the house for a magnificent meal.

Our hostess! 

I am so in love with these!

Our host family

Then we were driven back to our hotel.

Definitely a must do in Hue, such a magical and surreal experience! 

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