Monday 13 October 2014

to confess what I ate in Vietnam

Firstly, I must confess (again) that time hates me!

In hindsight it probably wasn't a great idea to fly back into the country, then head straight to the Gold Coast for 3 nights and only giving myself an afternoon home before diving straight back into full time work!

I had an amazing time in Vietnam, I highly recommend you out it on your must see destinations! I feel I have so much to write about and share, and will get there in time! 

So, now for my confession, I am confessing off topic this week over at My Home Truths.

The morning after our wonderful Cyclo tour through Hue we jumped on the back of a motorbike and headed off Sons of Anarchy style for a full day tour around Hue. 

We had many stops during the day, spotting some buffaloes enjoying a mud bath, a visit to the Imperial Citadel, the Thien Mu Pagoda, lunch in a nunnery, a dragon boat cruise on the Perfume River.

Some highlights from the day that I shared on Instagram

But it was what happened next that is the true confession.....

At the conclusion of the tour our guide had offered for anyone who wanted to try a type of meat not available in many countries to carry on and those who didn't to return to our hotel....

I decided to try the meat....

My many faces as I dined on this rare meat
Now I confess that at the risk of losing followers and grossing out friends, I am not actually going to tell you what it is, but let's say, it is not something you would NEVER see on a menu outside Asia and you will not see it on too many menus there either. This animal in most countries is treated as a member of the family, a pet, and most people couldn't fathom the thought of putting it in a mini crockpot and cooking it up. I am sure you have worked it out without me having to say it out loud.

Growing up on farm we hand reared a few lambs and calves over the years that then ended up on our dinner plates and we didn't think much of it, and that's what I had to tell myself as I dined at that off the track 'restaurant' sitting on plastic chairs at a plastic table with wildlife wandering around us. 

This animal is not considered a pet in Vietnam but a way of making money. Families can buy them young and if they feed them well and get them nice and fat they can sell them for up to $100 US dollars! 

So I did it....mostly to say I could but also because it is possibly once in a lifetime opportunity and while it wasn't that bad, I did not go back for seconds and washed it down with a can of Coke! 

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What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

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