Monday 15 September 2014

for a holiday....almost

I must confess I am counting down the next 5 days until the holidays.

I must confess it's been a looooong term with many ups and downs.

I must confess when ever anyone asks me about my job I joke and say "never a dull moment in the lives of teenagers" but really, I am concerned about the mental health of so many of my students and the moment and that alone is exhausting on my own mental health and when people comment and say "I don't know how you do" I actually begin to wonder that myself.

I know that there is the opinion that people who work in schools get a lot of holidays and I know that this time next week there will be a barrage of people complaining of Facebook about having to have their children at home, but I know that I would not be able to continue in my job if not for these breaks every three or so months. For me to be effective and available like I need to be for my students, I need this mental break to rejuvenate and have some focused 'me time'.

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And that is why I am so excited to be heading to Vietnam! I have had this booked and planned for ages and can't believe it is almost here... am heading of by myself (as I usually do when I travel) and doing an Intrepid tour from North to South!

My trip!
Stay tuned!

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