Monday 7 October 2013

for the soundtrack of my life..

 This week over at My Home Truths, Kirsty asked us to confess the soundtrack of our lives... so here goes... short and sweet and the first song that always come to mind!!!!

The soundtrack of my life in 1:53..... <--- click there!

Which song best describes you and/or your life...?


  1. I love that movie and that song so much! Do you sing along and mime the drum part as well Zita? Thanks for linking up my friend!

    1. Of course I do!!! with glass of wine in hand as well!!! I am the 30 something tragic forever single person surrounding by smug married types! lol....

  2. Oh yes! I love that song! All by myself...

  3. That totally used to be me - until I meet hubby in 2004 - so 9 years ago - I used to ADORE that movie, have seen SO much xxx Em @ Have A Laugh

  4. awwww, that is SAD Zita!! I hope your Colin Firth is on his way! (or THE Colin Firth would do, also!)