Friday 18 October 2013

to talk about the things I know this week...

....I am totally hooked on my new CD which is the soundtrack to 'Nashville' a TV show that I am also totally hooked on...problem is it is Volume 2, so now I am in search for where I can find Volume 1!

....I am soooo tired of being soooo tired.

....dealing with insurance companies is beyond frustrating but it's one of those necessary evils.

....sometimes you just have to have a day off.

....I went to a travel agent last excited about what might be on the horizon. :-)

....working with some of these teenagers has made me realise that I was a relatively 'normal' teenager (whatever that is!)

....I really really want Taylor (or Dami) to win XFactor.

....I am reading 2 books at the moment that are providing me with plenty of thoughts.... One is called The Happiness Trap.

....One thing that stood out for me in one part of the chapter is Myth no.4. You should be able to control what you think and feel. It's a myth because truth be known we have less control over our thoughts and feelings than we would like. Interesting reading..

....being the only non-pregnant female at antenatal classes is kinda awkies! lol...

....that I am not sure 'everything happens for a reason' because I can't think of a reason a mother would have to lose her son in such a horrible accident :-('s been a week since my last post and I hate that when I am tired/busy it's my blog that is the first to suffer. :-(

....I should quit my day job and become a plumber! $77 for a 5 minute plunger job!!! wtf?? (and apparently that was 'mates rates!')

....that things are a little haywire in my life at the moment but it's nothing compared to what those poor people in the NSW bushfires have had to face

....that we all have our own demons to deal with.

 ...that I am teaming up with Rhianna over at A Parenting Life with other people who know stuff!!

What do you know this week???
A Parenting Life Things I Know 

and With Some Grace for FYBF!


  1. It sounds like (between this post and your last one) that you certainly have a lot going on that is definitely FFS worth !!!
    Sometimes I feel like I just want the world to stop and let me get off and then I think of people, like those near the fires at the moment, and I realise that maybe my life isn't that bad after all.
    I hope that things start to look up for you - have a fantastic weekend !

  2. I went to grumble about having to hang my washing out earlier and then I thought there is probably many a mum who would give anything to be able to just hang their washing out without a worry in the world. All about perspective isn't it?
    Thanks so much for joining the fun of #thingsiknow

    I know I hope you have a wonderful week ahead

  3. I whinged in my post today too... But it's alright, I think we are allowed to do that... I hope things get a bit quieter for you. Travel plans are exciting!

  4. I sometimes question why things happen as well, things there is just no making sense of. Really makes me wonder....

    What is Nashville?? Sounds like my kind of show! x

    1. Oh I love it!! It's set in Nashville (obviously) and is about the country music industry, 2 main characters, one an old hand at the business trying to reinvent herself the other a young up and comer who thinks she knows best! love it!

  5. Yes, sometimes you do need to take a day off- sounds like you have a lot on your mind on the moment, hope it gets better, have a great weekend.

  6. I read two books at once too! I am going to look that book up, sounds very interesting X

  7. Oh, The Happiness Trap sounds interesting! Do you know Beck at The Plumbette? She gives you plenty of insight into the world of plumbing. It's not as easy of a job as people think...

  8. Oh sweets, sounds like it's all shit sandwiches over at yours right now :( sorry and hugs. But I have to say I also disagree that everything happens for a reason. HUGS! But yay to a holiday soon maybe? xx