Wednesday 2 October 2013

to ROCK!

On Saturday my friend and I went to CMC Rocks North Queensland!!! The day was unreal for this little country music tragic! Some of the biggest Australian country music artists were there as well as some awesome international acts! Here's some piccies for this Wordless Wednesday!

Ready to ROCK!!
Just a little bit excited!

Jasmine Rae
McAlister Kemp (one of my FAVE Aussie bands!!)

Was SO excited to meet the boys after their performance!
They were SO lovely and even remembered seeing me rocking out
and thanked me for coming to see them! haha...
Corb Lund

Morgan Evans

Sara Evans

The Wolfe Brothers

Alan Jackson!... dirty feet after standing on them for over 12 hours
but it was soooo worth every minute!!!!

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  1. Back stage and all - go you groupie, BTW you're looking great in that first shot - go the 12week challenge - YAY for getting your music fix :) Em @ Have A Laugh

  2. This looks like such a fun day! How awesome that you got to meet the boys from one of your favourite bands! Love the photo of your feet :)

  3. OMG!!!!!!! SARA EVANS AND ALAN JACKSON!?!?!?!? Sara is one of my FAVES and who doesn't love Alan Jackson!??!!? What a blast! ps if the guys saw you rocking out, I reckon they were CHECKING YOU OUT! And no wonder, you look awesome!! Glad you're rocking the holidays! x Aroha