Tuesday 11 June 2013

to share my full list!

OK, so I had a request from some of my fans (...OK so 2 people) that I share my complete list of pet peeves so, with nothing else to share this IBOT, I thought...why not!

Please note that some of these were written in between fits of laughter with a friend of mine (Simone, who I said I would give credit to!) and should be taken with the lightheartedness that they were written....some however are downright serious and annoying...I'll let you decide which ones are which.....

So here goes, the full list of my 43 pet peeves....

  1. People calling me honey, sweetheart, love, dear etc - especially when they are younger than me
  2. Finding split ends straight after getting a hair cut
  3. Stupid pictures on Facebook
  4. People cutting me off then driving slow,
  5. All talk and no action people - Gunnados (Gonna do this gonna do that but then do nothing!)
  6. Bad Sports
  7. People who compare their kids to others
  8. Fake people 
  9. Delta Goodrem....
  10. Wedgies at inappropriate times
  11. People being late and not telling you they are going to be late or not apologising for being late
  12. Having a car that's only 2 months old and already needing a new windscreen
  13. Criminals
  14. People who don't flush the toilet in public and who walk straight out without washing their hands
  15. Paying over $100 and leaving with a bad haircut
  16. People who assume they know shit when they don't know shit!
  17. Bad spellers and bad grammar! Especially on public signs!
  18. People who assume there is something wrong with me because I am single! (OK so maybe there is but I don't need them to point it out to me!)
  19. Spoilers! - People who spoil surprises or plots to books, movies, tv shows etc...
  20. Negative Nancies! - people who whinge and whine and have nothing positive to say
  21. Waiting an hour for the doctor and your appointment only taking 5 minutes
  22. When the waitress forgets your order
  23. Driving through the drive through and then having to park anyway
  24. People who talk in acronyms and shortened words... I mean OMG peeps!
  25. People who say like like every like second word like.....arghhhh
  26. Claimers - people who claim things as their own
  27. Irresponsible pet owners, people who don't pick up their dog poo!
  28. Not enough or too much customer service! - there is a difference, the sales assistants either won't leave you alone or don't even acknowledge you are there!
  29. Appliances that break down 2 days after the warranty expires
  30. Odd socks!
  31. Buying something at full price and then seeing it on sale the next week
  32. B!tches getting married before me
  33. Leaders/Bosses not setting a good example for their team
  34. Hypocrites
  35. People in jobs that require people skills when they clearly don't have any!
  36. Narrow mindedness! - perhaps that's why I am such a fence sitter on so many subjects because I like to try and see things from other perspectives
  37. Shopping centre car parks
  38. People who talk during movies
  39. Shushes! 
  40. When bad things happen to good people
  41. When someone texts you and you reply straight away and ask them something and then they don't reply!
  42. Candy Crush and my addiction to it
  43. Waiting for tradesmen!

So there you have it...... my pet peeves in full! 

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  1. Definitely agree with people overtaking then driving slow, gunnados and spoilers! Probably my top 3 out of your list but I was nodding to all of it :)

  2. Love that you posted the rest of the list! I was again nodding my head along with them. Every time I catch public transport and get a grumpy bus driver (who is always grumpy) I wonder what on earth made them chose a such a job.

    1. I know Tegan! I always think 'seriously, get a new job!!!'

  3. I'm so guilty of number 1 I have this habit and I don't even know when it started but I tend to call people sunshine. Apologies in advance if ever I do it to you.

    1. Haha... I forgive you! It's more the 15 year olds at Maccas I'm talking about!!! Hahaha

  4. I can see why you wrote this in fits of laughter!! Love it!!

  5. YOU ROCK - and so does your list - thanks for sharing - I'm totally one of those who wanted a full list!
    My favs are 7, 8, 11, 21, 34, 36, 42!
    But I agree with them all!
    Em xx

    1. Haha thaks Em! And thanks for the push to share it all!!

    2. Oh gosh! Pet peeve I just realised a spelling mistake in my reply to you!!! Apologies! Damn iphone! Lol...

  6. You sure you got everything down :)??
    32 cracked me up!

    1. Lol... Thought it might!! It's actually scary that I have thought if more! But don't want my blog to be in someone else's pet peeve list!! Lol...

  7. Thanks for sharing! I was nodding my head the entire way through that list. I think I was possibly one of the two that asked but not claiming anything ;) xx