Monday 10 June 2013

to confess my pet peeves!

When I read at the end of last weeks confession that this weeks was pet peeves, I instantly started a list in my head.... and then I started to make a list on my ipad, then a friend and I chuckled over some over a cup of tea and before I knew it my list had blown out to 43!! At the risk of sounding like a complete loon I have decided to group some together and come up with a top 5!

So in no particular order here goes.....

5. Facebook
I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I have been fortunate to have lived and travelled all over world and have so many friends  near and far and I love that with the click of a button I can feel so connected to them. I feel like I can know what is going on in their lives and them the same. I love being able to share photos and experiences with people that you would otherwise not be able to.
then there is the evil I hate that Facebook has become a place where people air their dirty laundry and also tell the world every minute detail of their lives! But I also hate all the sponsorship ads and game promotions and rubbish that fills up my news feed but I think most of all I hate these stupid pictures....


I mean really!!!  They drive me nuts! And the Grandma one is one of the 'calmer' ones, there are those other cancer ones that I just don't understand why anyone would even put on facebook in the first place never mind 'like and share'.... 

4. Bad Sportsmanship
I have my sporting teams and sports stars that I support and cheer on with pride and I have be known to have the occasional dig at someone who supports the opposition but there is a line. I can't stand bad sports and think that there is a BIG difference between cheering for your team and being a bad sport. Wednesday night saw Game 1 of the State of Origin Series and I am a loud and proud Queenslander so I cheer on the maroon and boast about the 7 in a row series and have the occasional dig at my friends who support the Blues but some people just take it to the extreme. Some of the comments and status updates on facebook were downright ridiculous and not in the spirit of 'supporting your team'. I like to think that's the way I follow sport - Support my team, don't bag the other. 

3. Drivers
OH MY GOD! a big pet hate is bad drivers! Given that SO much of my week is spent in the car I have had my fair share of experiences with bad drivers. People who cut you off, people who don't indicate, People who over take you and then drive slow, tailgaters! (I am going as fast as I am allowed or can go so BACK OFF!), shopping centre carparks! (road rules still apply people!!). People who expect you to give way to them when they have done the wrong thing! Case in point - today I was driving back from Brisbane and 2 lanes was cut down to 1 due to an accident, there were flashing police lights and clearly the right lane had to merge into the left.....most sensible courteous drivers merged early but then there were those handful of A holes who flew up the right hand side as far as they could and then pushed their way in at the top of the queue! Drives me nuts!!!

2. People with a blatant disregard for others!
I couldn't decide on a better way to title this one, but you know the people. The ones who don't follow instructions! The other day I was at a seminar and the presenters specifically asked us to turn our mobile phones to silent - 3 phones went off during the 2 hour presentation! When the air hostess says "Please remain seated until the Captain turns off the seatbelt light" and then there will always be those people who stand up! Seriously! Another plane on my flight home from Melbourne there was a girl watching something on her iPad with no headphones! So everyone around her had to subjected to what she was watching whether they liked it or not! When people wander aimlessly through the shopping centre/supermarket etc without considering those around them, you know the ones who are walking along nicely and then they just STOP.....with no warning or no consideration to the person walking behind them! The worst are the ones who step off the escalators at the top and then just stop.... nevermind the 20 people that are trying to get off as well! I hate when I am in a hurry and no one else is! Lol... the other day I had like 20 minutes before I had to meet a friend and I hate being late (another pet peeve is late people!), I needed to duck into the supermarket to get a few things and got stuck behind every slow walking, Sunday strolling family of 5 possible! You know the ones that spread themselves right across the aisle and no matter which way you go you just can't get around them and then they weave back and forth in front of you and when you say 'excuse me' they look at you like you are the rude one! Saw this on facebook one day and it cracked me up as I think it describes me! Lol..

1. Having to rely on other people
 This sounds really random I know but sometimes I hate having to rely on other people, I guess it comes from my years of singledom! I know that this probably sounds stupid and sometimes I hate that I am so impatient and don't like having to rely on others. I prefer to just do things on my own in my time, my way (lol... perhaps that's why I'm single!). It can also kind of link to the one above as this morning I was relying on the receptionist at my motel in Melbourne to book my shuttle to the airport and imagine my frustration when I was turned away from the shuttle bus and find out that she never booked it in the first place!

OK, I have pet peeved whinged enough I feel! So what's your pet peeve??? Head on over to My Home Truths and link up!


  1. I would love to see your complete list! I hit the delete button on my first list, mainly because it involved unreliable people.

    Looking forward to linking up again next week.

    1. is quite a list, perhaps I should do another installment another time!

  2. That FB picture about grandma dying CRACKS ME UP! I also hate relying on other people, not my style. And people who only think of themselves also annoy me a lot also! GREAT list, you'll have to blog the big list, just bullet points - I'd read it - I love a good ranty pants :)

  3. I'm sorry... I giggled... a lot at your list!

    But I did sit here nodding at ALL of them!

    Was a very refreshing I Must Confess this week wasn't it... got it all blogged out of us lol

    Have a great week! MC x

    1. It was! I was amazed at how much time I spent thinking about it and it was quite scary!! In a funny way!

  4. Oh hell yes, I was nodding like a bobble headed figurine through that whole list. Especially the inconsiderate people point.

    1. 'A bobble headed figurine!' Lol... That cracks me up!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Oh YES, YES, YES! All of these tick my peeve box too! I agree about the sportsmanship - I love State of Origin and will be there next week cheering but I get so antsy where there is nasty and mean booing and sledging - that's just uncool.
    ps. QUEENSLANDER!!! lol ;)

  6. Love this list Zita! I especially share your peeve about people just not taking notice of anyone else - it infuriates me every single time. How can they be so blind or so insensitive to others? I just don't get it at all...

  7. Great list. I have a Facebook hate as well plus people who just stop in the middle of the shopping centre so you run into them. And cars trying to merge on the freeway x