Tuesday 14 October 2014

to check out Toowoomba

Most weekends my sister and I sit around the house, watching TV, playing on our iPads, chatting away and often complaining that there is nothing to do.

And that's a lie, there's plenty to do, we just choose not to do most of it most of the time. 

Each weekend in our local newspaper they advertise 10 things on around the region and I put it to my sister that each weekend that we are home, we pick something from the list to do and I would blog about it as a way of 'advertising' Toowoomba for all of you who have never been to our fine city!

So we decided to go with number 9 on the list which was Markets at Black Forrest Hill. This lies between Highfields and Cabarlah about 20 minutes drive north of Toowoomba. Driving through Highfields reminds me a lot of the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast as the main strip through town is dotted with a variety of quirky gift shops, caf├ęs and arts and craft places. 

The markets were held on the grounds of the Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock Centre, which houses some of the most magnificent Cuckoo and Grandfather Clocks I've seen. 

I think this was the first time these particular markets were held and unfortunately it showed. 

We meandered around the dozen or so stores which took all of about half an hour, before settling on some flavoured macadamia nuts and some local wine.

We headed back to Toowoomba but not before stopping off at a favourite cafe, The Chocolate Cottage for morning tea. The food is always a little different and delicious and it has amazing views of the valley below.
My coconut bread with lime marmalade.

I enjoy the view on the drive back into Toowoomba from Highfields as it is one of the few places you can get a glimpse of the size of Toowoomba.

The photo does not do it justice! 

What did you get up to on the weekend? Stay tuned next week to see what we get up to!

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