Tuesday 28 October 2014

for Warwick Rodeo

This past weekend I didn't need to scour the paper for something to do because the last weekend in October is always marked on my calendar as Warwick Rodeo weekend.

Warwick is about 85kms south west of Toowoomba and is kind of my home town. It was home to me when I went to boarding school there in the early 90s and now my parents live there. 

Warwick Rodeo is said to be 'Australia's Most Famous' but am sure many people in Mt Isa would challenge that! 

What sets Warwick's apart is that it coordinates all the thrills of rodeo events with the, Warwick Gold Cup and Canning Downs Campdraft, the biggest in Australia. They are worth over $55,000 and $25,000 respectively and the event goes for 7 days with all the finals culminating on the last full weekend in October.

We pretty much head there every year and this year was no different. It was about 5:30 by the time I got to Warwick after work and arrived just as a massive thunder and lightning storm hit. I opted out of heading for the rodeo Friday night, I was busted after a busy week at work.

Saturday morning there are markets in the town's main park followed by a street parade.

My old High School Pipe Band

The temperature hit 30something ridiculous on Saturday, so after the parade we went home to escape the sun and so everyone (the twins mainly) could have a rest before heading down to the rodeo Saturday night. 

Sunday morning we headed back down to watch some of the finals action.

And it was also an awesome opportunity to catch up with the niece and nephews! 

All this one wanted was to sit on Aunty Zita and snuggle - I wasn't complaining!

So hard to get a pic of these 2 together at this age! Super Cuties!!!
So if you are into all things country and want an action packed rodeo weekend, lock in Warwick Rodeo 2015, last weekend in October!

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