Friday 26 April 2013

for FFS Friday!!!!

Telstra......... FFS!!!

Am sure I could just leave this post here as I am sure we have all had our own FFS moments with Telstra and if you are not sitting there nodding your head then I envy you!

A few weeks ago....on the 4th April to be exact.... I went to my local Telstra shop to discuss my internet connection as I kept going over my monthly data allowance....FFS

I was told by the 19 year old computer telstra geek that there was nothing they could do and I'd have to wait until my contract expired which isn't until February 2014....FFS

I could get out of my contract if I paid a $200 (or there abouts) cancellation fee....FFS

I returned home and phoned Telstra to see if I could get an increase for the month as I had done this before and was assured I could do it again but was promptly told that that was a one off and I couldn't do it again....FFS

Whilst on the phone he informed me that I could change my internet to a new plan and get ADSL Broadband etc etc, I told him I had already been informed that that wasn't an option unless I paid a ridiculous cancellation fee and he said that fee could be waived.....FFS

So I went ahead and spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone while they processed the order.....FFS

I received a letter in the mail dated the 7th April saying that the order had been processed and that the bundle would be arriving soon....

On Monday I had my phone switched off from about 7:30am until 12:30pm and when I switched it back on I had 2 voice messages from a local installer from Telstra....FFS

The 8:00am message was to tell me that he would be at my place to install my home phone and ADSL broadband at approximately 9:00am....FFS

Then there was another voice message at 9:06am saying that he was at my place and I clearly wasn't here and I would have to reschedule the installation....FFS

I was NOT even aware that the installation had been organised for Monday....FFS!!!!!!

So then the installation guy rang again at about 2:00pm and I had it out with him and he gave me a Telstra number to call to organise another installation time...FFS

In the meantime my sister had had a look over the paperwork and noticed a little stimulation that "If you took up the offer for a technician to professionally install your Broadband service, a $144 charge for this service will apply"...FFS 

So I rang said number and spent 16 minutes on the phone and was transferred around to 3 different English as a Second Language people (don't get me wrong I have nothing against them but some of them are just SO hard to understand!), only to end up with a lady who could not hear me and kept yelling HELLO down the phone to which I yelled back HELLO....eventually I hung up...FFS

I rang back and got yet another English as a Second Language Customer Service Officer and ran through the whole drama with her again...'I did not take up the offer for it to be professionally installed, I do NOT wish to pay $144, why does it need to be professionally installed?' etc etc...FFS

I also explain to her that installation between 9 and 12 during the week does not work for me as I work fulltime, leave home at 7am and am not home til around 5:30/6:00pm...FFS

She says anyone over the age of 18 can be here but as I explain, there is no one who can be here between those hours, anyone I know works full time....FFS

8 minutes into the conversation she puts me on hold for "3 to 4 minutes" to talk to the 'bundles team' to see if it does need to be professionally installed. She pops back every now and then to tell me she's still waiting and then at the 24 minute mark she tells me that she can't get a hold of anyone in the 'bundles team' as they are closed for the night.....FFS

She tells me to call back in the morning to which I reply...'are you serious?'....FFS

Then she says she starts work at 10am Tuesday morning and she will follow it up and get back to me by 11:00am.... and I waited and I waited... no call....FFS

Lunchtime Wednesday I finally get a call from her telling me that the installation has now been booked for the 14th May, to which I ask what time and she says 'sometime between 8 and 12'.....FFS

I explain A G A I N....that I work full time an hour outside Toowoomba and there is no way I can be home during that time without taking a day off work, which I am NOT prepared to do....FFS

She says, anyone over the age of 18 can be there it doesn't have to be me, to which I explain A G A I N that there is no one who can be here because everyone I know works full time....FFS

(Insert side note....surely  I am not the only one that has had this issue, or do Telstra just think that people are sitting at home during business hours waiting for them!)

I tell her I am on holidays in June so she will have to organise for the installation to be booked then and tell her the dates to which she informs me that an installation date cannot be booked that far ahead and I will have to ring back 15 days before my holidays and book it then....FFS

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  1. I loathe Telstra with a passion. When I used to rent three years ago, we had Telstra and their customer service is atrocious. When I got my own place, I was open to any company but Telstra. I've been with Iinet for 3.5 years and so far, so good. Their customer service is brilliant! And people who you can actually understand and who are reasonably locally based (Melbourne/Perth etc)

  2. I HATE dealing with all these phone companies!! I was with Optus for 3 years and always had to call them about wrong bill etc. It was such a nightmare. And yes, I have nothing against English as a 2nd language people but I do find it hard to understand them too and I do admit I cringe when I get attended to by one......

  3. OMG!!! Considering your experience, I have to applaud you for being so patient with them!!! I would have launch into a full customer complaint by now - not that that will necessarily result in anything I think. I have had similar troubles with other phone companies - they are all terrible!!! Hope you get things sorted out soon and hope someone finally listens and understands and that you don't have to continue repeating yourself!

  4. I am with you regarding Telstra - we had no home phone or internet for 3 weeks. We had to rant and rave to even get a discount!! If they didn't have the best coverage I would not be with them. Their customer service is hopeless!!!

  5. I ashamed to admit that I worked with Telstra. I was in the Japan office and when I would call up customer service they would say, "What? We have an office in Japan???" - FFS

  6. Argh! Dealing with Telstra is so frustrating! Have you tried tweeting them? I get the best response that way.

  7. Do not get me started on Telstra!! I think it took all up about 3 months to get everything sorted when we moved (long story) and the fees and charges they are allowd to slug you with should be illegal!! Hope it gets sorted very soon!!