Monday 15 February 2016

Must have handbag items when flying

Whether is a short trip or a long haul, there are a few vitals that must be packed and taken on the plane with you. 

When choosing a handbag to take on the plane I always go for something on the bigger side. Each airline has its own restrictions as to what you can carry on, so be sure and check the allowances for your airline. If you aren't checking any luggage in, then you will need to choose wisely, as, if you find yourself on a full flight, you may end up having your carry on weighed at the gate and if you find yourself over the limit, your luggage may be checked in with no guarantee it will make the same flight as you! 

I have been pretty lucky with this and when they have weighed my carry on, they have not weighed my handbag, and in some cases this is just a well! 

So apart from the obvious; wallet, ID/Passport and travel documents, what is it exactly that I can't live without in my handbag while I'm flying... Here's my top 5!

1. My iPad - this is especially vital when flying domestically as I usually fly with a budget airline that doesn't have inflight entertainment available or they charge extra for it! Stocked with games, movies, music and books, my iPad is a must when I fly. I always make sure it's fully charged so it can last the distance and kill some of the boredom inflight. 

2. Chewing Gum - despite many years of travel I can still sometimes be a nervous flyer, especially during take off and landing. Chewing gum gives me something to focus on during these times and also help with the changes in air pressure in the cabin and those nasty popping ears. It also helps on a longer flight if you've forgotten to bring your toothbrush on board.

3. A pen - this one is more relevant when flying internationally as there are usually forms to fill out when arriving at your destination and it saves time if you can have these all filled out prior to arriving! You'll also need information from your passport and boarding pass so keep these handy as well. 

4. Snacks - again, when I fly budget domestically I am usually too tight to pay the extra money for a meal (because let's face it, they are ridiculously over priced and usually not that nice) so I always make sure I have a few nibbles in my bag to get me through the flight.

5. Moisturiser/Chapstick - I always feel like my skin and lips dry out so much more than normal when I fly so I always make sure I have my hand cream, paw paw cream and face moisturiser close by... in under 100mL amounts and in a ziplock bag of course!! 

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What's a must have in your handbag?
What can't you get through a flight without?

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