Monday 8 February 2016

Why I love Melbourne!

There are so many things to do and see in Melbourne, which is just one of the things I love about it!

I have never claimed to be a lover of big cities, give me the wide open spaces and red dirt roads any day but there is just something about Melbourne that has captured my heart and often finds me saying 'I love Melbourne' to anyone who'll listen. 

Things to do in Melbourne

In 2015 Melbourne was once again named the World's Most Liveable city for the 5th year in a row, so it's not just me in love with this thriving metropolis! 

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So what is it about this city that gets my country girl heart in a flutter...

1. The Street Art
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Not even the bins are safe!
Laneways are a plenty in the Melbourne CBD and you'd be hard pressed to find one not covered in brightly coloured murals, tags, and what some might call graffiti. I just love wandering down this laneways and sometimes, if you're lucky, seeing artists at work. Each and every time you visit them they will be different which is both disappointing and exciting at the same time! My favourite lanes to explore at Union Lane off the Burke Street Mall and Hosier Lane just a short walk from Federation Square.

Melbourne Street Art

2. The Laneway dining


Another favourite thing in laneways are places to eat out! Melbourne is known for it's laneway dining where small restaurants and cafes face out onto the laneways and dining tables and chairs take over where once a car may have been. Be warned though, Melbourne likes a sleepy start to the day and many you may have to search a little if you are looking for somewhere open prior to 10am. 

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3. The Sporting Arenas
MCG, Melbourne Park and AAMI Stadium all within walking distance of the city

Within a short walking distance of the CBD are 4 of the biggest and best sporting arena around! Melbourne, known here as the sporting capital of Australia, if not the world, is home to many great sporting events and if you are in town and there is nothing on at at least one of these stadiums then you have lucked out my friend, because there is almost always something on at at least one of them! And if you are not that into sport, there are often concerts and other events housed here as well! You never know what event may be on.

Things to do in Melbourne
Etihad Stadium

4. The fact it's super easy to get around Zita Hooke Travel Blog

Super easy! I am often daunted in my travels with arriving in a new big city and having to work out the best way to get from a to b, but Melbourne is super easy! With a shuttle from the airport for just $18 you can get right into the heart of Melbourne, Spencer Street Station and then it's a short walk to most hotels, if not a shuttle will take you right to your hotel door. Once you are within the city the tram system is super easy and convenient and best of all... FREE! Yep, within the city square all trams are free and you can easily find your way around as tram stops are all signed and easily identified. If you are travelling outside the city limits then you can purchase a Myki card from many of the convenient stores or main tram/train stations around the city, load them with some dollars and then scan on and off the trams/trains/buses (all public transport uses the same system!) 

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5. The freaks, geeks and downright weirdos.... 

Now I really do mean that with love! You will see all sorts of sights in Melbourne and one of the best things to do is simply sit and watch. Everything and anything goes in Melbourne and no one seems to care... Unless of course you are a middle aged over weight drunk man walking down the street half naked hurling abuse at people... Then the police care and will surround you and people will stop and stare at you (true story). Buskers line Burke Street Mall set to amaze and entertain passersby and shoppers with many people crowding the steps of the GPO Building to get a glimpse of the entertainment.

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Whilst this may read as a love fest to Melbourne there is just one thing that I strongly dislike about it... The weather... Oh. My. God!!...

For the most part, most of Australia has 4 distinct seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Melbourne can have all these seasons in one week, sometimes even in one day! Word to the wise, check the weather several times before attempting to pack for a trip to Melbourne. On my most recent trip, the day before I arrived the Mercury was soaring to a whopping 41 degrees! HOT!! The day I arrived, it barely cracked 18 degrees!! NOT HOT AT ALL, and then the few days between my arrival and departure it fluctuated somewhere between the two. 

But never fear if you don't quite get your wardrobe right, there is an abundance of shopping to be done in Melbourne so you are bound to find a ski jacket or a bikini.. Whichever one you require at the time!

Things to do in Melbourne
A gorgeous Summer Day at Brighton Beach admiring the Beach Huts

Melbourne is such a versatile bustling city with so many wonderful things to see and do for all ages and adventure types!

Have you ever been to Melbourne?
What do you love about it?
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