Friday 12 June 2015

24 things I said and thought during my first 24 hours in Nashville

1. "Why is there so much water in the toilet bowl?"

2.The light switches go the wrong way

3. "Which way am I meant to look?"
 (Who knew crossing the road could be so difficult!)

4. "Check out that truck!!"

5. They are so friendly 
(seriously, Southern people are awesome!)

6. But am I really a Ma'am?

7. Your money is shit 
(apologies to all those people standing behind me while I dick around trying to find the right change!)

8. Walmart is just like Big W but on steroids

9. "Oh my god there really is a subway in Walmart"

10. "There are actually guns in here"

11. "Look... A pink one and its $9.97"

12. "What is with this air con?" 
(Seriously! It's either not on or is freezing fricking cold!)

13.Tipping... Just get your shit together so I don't have to deal with this 

14. "Frickin sales tax!" 
(Why is this not just included in the price instead of added onto the total at the end!)

15. "Holy shit, I'm in Nashville" 
(I may have said this more than a few times since arriving!)

16. Why don't their PowerPoint have on/off switches and why don't they get electrocuted? 

17. Oh my, those ladies that sit in the toilets and squeeze soap into your hand and hand you paper towel and have perfume and shit to use really do exist!

18. "Oh my gosh that is so much food!!" 
(Cheap food but MASSIVE portions! I am starting to get a better understanding of the obesity problem here!)

19. "Yay, free wifi" 
(Please note Australia.... you need to get your shit together when it comes to free wifi!)

20. "What day is it again?" 
(The time difference and losing a day really played havoc with me when I first arrived, I think I'm all good now!)

21. The cars don't have front number plates? 
(Not sure why I find this so interesting!)

22. Southern Men have amazing manners! 
(Australian men could really take some lessons from these Southern blokes)

23. "Is that....?" 
(Celeb spotting!!)

24. "Oh my god.. that accent" 
(I could seriously listen to these people talk ALL day... I can't understand them sometimes and hope 'yes' is the right answer! I wonder how long I'd have to live here before it rubbed off on me!?)

So far I am in love with everything I see about America! Let's hope the love fest continues!!

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