Monday 3 November 2014

for a $50 outfit challenge

So this weekend I got a jump start on the event planning by seeing the 10 things to do this weekend on Friday night via a link on Facebook and was a little disappointed to find little there that interested me! Three of the 10 suggestions were markets and I really couldn't do that to you again (I swear there are more to do in Toowoomba on a weekend then go to Markets!)

Sunday morning my sister and I did head down to the Margaret Street Markets to visit Scarf Girl to pick up a few Christmas gifts. 

Afterwards we headed to the main shopping centre in Toowoomba, Grand Central, as I had decided that this weekend we would complete the Ms Mystery Case $50 outfit challenge

The challenge set by Ms Mystery Case is to buy a complete outfit under $50 and I decided to rope my sister in and make it a challenge within ourselves. 

I set the rules that all items had to be bought from within Grand Central and that we only had an hour to do it. 

So we synchronised watches and headed our separate ways in search of the perfect (aka bargain) outfit! 

We had discussed tactics first and thought the bottom half of the outfit would be the most expensive and difficult to find. I headed straight for Temt. Dresses are very difficult to find when you have a body shape like mine and I knew that would take way too long so I opted for some pants and a skirt, and I was shocked to find that a skirt I never thought I would ever wear fit perfectly and, if I do say so myself, looks pretty darn good! But this took me a good half hour to discover leaving my just another half hour to find the whole rest of the outfit! 

I decided my next biggest expense would be shoes so I bolted to the opposite end of the centre to Target as a friend had mentioned they were having a shoe sale. What I didn't calculate into the one hour time limit plan was the queues at the checkouts which were a bit crazy.

After getting some shoes I went on the hunt for a top! I had just 15 minutes left! I couldn't believe how hard and under pressure I felt! 

I dashed in and out of shoes but ended up back at Temt grabbing a top and some bracelets and before I knew it time was up, actually, I confess I went 5 minutes over time as Linda was already back at our meeting spot waiting for me! 

She did however let me go and grab some earrings as I still had $8 left! 

We hid our bags from each other, dropped them in the car and then went to a new cafe that has opened across the road from the shopping centre.

Primal Pantry is a new health food cafe with a full Paleo menu and we were keen to check it out! 

We both opted for the Monkey Fuel Smoothie (banana, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond milk), I grabbed the choc caramel slice and Linda chose the banana bread. It was so good!! 

After morning tea we headed home to compare outfits......

Linda used Derby Day as her inspiration after spotting this gorgeous skirt and I think she did a fab job! 

The breakdown: 
- Top from Valleygirl $14.95
- Skirt from Paper Scissors $16
- Shoes from Target $10
- Earrings from Target $2.50
- Head chain from Equip $5

Total = $48.45

My outfit:
The breakdown:
- Top from Temt $9.95
- Skirt from Temt $14.95
- Shoes from Target $7.00
- Bangles from Temt $9.95
- Ring and Earrings from Equip $2 & $5.99
(The earrings actually came in a set of 3 pairs and were the only things not on sale)

Total = $49.85

We were both pretty chuffed with our outfits and impressed with our bargain buys! It really was a lot of fun! I was especially chuffed at how good I felt in a high waisted figure hugging skirt!!

What do you think? Who wins your vote? 

Head over to Ms Mystery Case to check out other people who have attempted the $50 outfit challenge and link up your own attempt!

Also linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT! 

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