Tuesday 3 June 2014

for a 6 month review

If you are anything like me you are completely shocked that June has snuck up and bitten us on the butt! Where has the year gone!!!?? I feel like I say it every year but it really does feel like time is getting away from me.

I thought now, 6 months into the year, would be a good time to look back over my goals for this year. Back in January I set goals for the year ahead. I am not big on resolutions as the way I see it, if you want to make a change in your life you should do it when you want and when you are ready, not put it off to the start of a new year. So I set goals...things I wanted to achieve over the course of this 12 months...

So how am I doing....

I set 5 goals and I must admit that when I just had a flick through them I got a little lump in my throat as I have realised I am not doing so well, but all goals are still achievable.

Goal 1: Run a half marathon - I was originally looking at Gold Coast in July but a friend of mine is getting married that weekend so had to go to plan b - Sunshine Coast Marathon.. but that's the Sunday after ProBlogger so am not sure I can make that work either...will have to move on to plan c...Find another one. I also have not been running as much as I would like yet so need to refocus on that a bit more.

Goal 2: Step away from the iPad/iPhone - given that they are both lit up on the couch beside me as I tap away at this blog post on my laptop I fear I am not doing so good at it either. I still leave them downstairs when I head upstairs for bed which is better than nothing and I do think it is helping me sleep better at night and has reignited my love of reading, not that I ever stopped loving it, I was just usually too tired from all the scrolling through facebook/twitter/instagram repeat, to bother reading.

Goal 3: Make more effective use of my time - whoops... :-/
I think I need some big help here...

Goal 4: Meditate - again... whoops... I have done it a couple of times since but really need to build it into my routine more.

Goal 5: Travel - YAY! this is one that I have organised! I have a week in Sydney booked for the next lot of holidays and 2 weeks in Vietnam in September/October. I know that booking these trips is something that I need to do to get me through the term. I need to have something to look forward to and I need to go away from home to feel like I have actually had a holiday.

I had decided that my 'theme word' for 2014 was going to be do. I had have plans of doing more, getting out there, taking risks, stepping out of my comfort zone and making some changes in my life....again not sure I have really achieved a lot with this so far.

I'm not going to lie, I am a little disappointed where I sit 6 months down the track, and I could wallow in that self-pity or throw my hands in the air in disappointment and give up all together, but in an attempt to see the glass half full I am going to look at it as, I still have 6 months to go!!!
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How are you travelling with your resolutions or goals 6 months in??
What have you achieved? What is still on your list?

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