Monday 16 December 2013

to take a peek inside my wardrobe..

This week over at My Home Truths we have been asked to confess our go-to fashion accessory! Well I have a bigger confession to make..... but first...

I have blogged about fashion before. Those of you that have been following my journey from the start may remember a little challenge a friend of mine set me. She was appalled amazed at the amount of clothes I had and challenged me to see if I could wear a different outfit to work everyday for the whole of Term1, and not buy any new clothes for the term as well.... Apart from purchasing a green shirt to wear on Gonski Day at school (because believe it or not I did not have a green shirt!), I succeeded at both challenges. You can check out some of the updates here and here..

Then my friend Marleisa over at This is who I am... started selling scarves on the side which prompted me to write about my obsession with scarves! (I am a little embarrassed to say I have more than 48 now...)

Now for the even bigger confession...... This is my wardrobe as of 10 minutes ago...

(covering my eyes in shame!) could totally be excused for thinking that that is my wardrobe, I promise you all of them are clean (not that that's really something to be proud of!)... when in fact this is my wardrobe....

Not much better really!
This is not something that always happens, the life of a teacher at the end of a school year is crazy busy and it's often things like housework that is the first to go! The life of a Guidance Officer is not as busy at the end of the year, but the life of a GO who's sister was living with her while she waited to have her gorgeous twin baby boys was, and so once again the housework suffered!

Since we are all about confessing on a Monday - I must confess the following...

* I do not remember the last time I folded clothes up and put them away... I fold them and put them on my blanket box or leave them in the basket but then I just never quite get them into the cupboard...

*There are clothes in there that have never been worn...

*There are clothes in there that still have the price tags on them...

*I often forget what clothes I have - and when I 'discover' them again it feels like Christmas...

When it comes to accessories I am usually a scarf or jewellery type of person and always matchy matchy with my shoes (that in the pic by the way is only about half of it - have another basket of shoes by the front door)

Just some of my collection!

Cleaning up my wardrobe, going through all my clothes and having a BIG cleanout is definitely high on my to do list these holidays!

So there you have it...I confess...I have a serious clothes, shoes, scarf, jewellery addiction! But the way I see it, there are worse things I could be addicted to and spend my money on!

What's been your go-to accessory this year??


  1. Miss 17 teases me about my obsession with scarves, but I'm a lightweight compared to you - I only have about half a dozen!!!

  2. I'm a late-comer to scarves but I want a whole lot more of them - after seeing your collection, I have a serious case of scarf envy!

  3. My room currently closely resembles your first pic, I must show hubby so he realises I'm not the only one!

  4. I'm starting to warm to scarves. I'm a bit OCD with my wardrobe, not as much as I would like because I no longer have the luxury of a walk in one but everything in its place and colour co-ordinated and probably best I stop there. lol