Monday, 2 December 2013

to confess feelings about Christmas

Kirsty at My Home Truths has asked us to confess how we really, truly feel about Christmas this week.....

mmmm...this could really open up a can of worms..

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When it comes to the true meaning of Christmas....Don't ask me.. I am one of the 85% mentioned above. So, sometimes I do actually feel like a bit of a hypocrite, we are not religious, we don't know go to church, not even at these special times of the year. Sometimes it feels like we spend a stack of money buying presents, get together and eat a shiteload of food just because society tells us we should. 

But having said that, if the true meaning of Christmas is about getting together with the family and being with the ones we love.. then I guess we have that covered. We generally do the same thing every Christmas. Generally something along the lines of big breakfast at Mum and Dad's before Mum heads off to work and then lunch with my older sister and her 4 kiddies watching/helping them with all their new toys and gadgets, afternoon nap and then leftovers for dinner! Day done...

I am one of those people though that does groan and roll their eyes when they see decorations and Christmas promotions in store as early as September....seriously!!

Christmas is also a time of sadness.... remembering all those no longer celebrating with us, especially my younger sister. The holiday season is also a time where loneliness creeps in, despite being surrounded by many family and friends there is always that feeling that something/someone is missing from my life.... *sigh*

So how do I really feel about Christmas.... I am by know means a grinch, I do love checking out the lights, the decorations, singing along to the odd Carols by Candlelight. Christmas is a great time to remember the good, enjoy the spirit of giving, catching up with family and friends and celebrating with food and drink and more food and more's just a shame that we seem to need an event like Christmas to make that happen.

I am definitely looking forward to some down time after quite the hectic full on year so bring on the Christmas holidays I say!

How do you really, truly feel about Christmas?...go on spill!


  1. I'm with you Zita, I have mixed (mostly negative) feelings about Christmas. I've thought about blogging about it but don't want to bring everybody else down LOL!!! It's not a popular viewpoint and I don't think I could take the "perk up" "don't be such a grinch" comments either!

    1. I know what you mean!! I hesitated and modified a few times before hitting that publish button for that exact reason!

  2. I'm with u on focusing on the holidays - that is indeed the best bit. And I am sorry to hear about your sister. Christmas amplifies loss I think.

  3. Word- not really religious at all but still celebrate Christmas by over indulgence and presents. I always used to think of it as something like 'Thanksgiving' in my mind when I was younger, a time of being with your family and thankful for all my blessings but I seem to have lost that in recent years. So sorry about your sister. xo

  4. Yes, Christmas brings both joy and sorrow. I try to focus on the baked goods, myself. Also, I like that Christmas is the only time of year where I'm totally switched off from work. I work from home, so it is very hard to take holidays when you have no off-sider! I'm really looking forward to doing a lot of nothing during that time between Christmas and New Year!

  5. I feel very similar to you Zita - very mixed feelings here too. This year we are hosting so I will have that pressure to deal with as well...but I'm looking forward to having to do much running around visiting others for once!

  6. Sorry for your loss.
    I have mixed feelings about Christmas as well. My family is less than functional and at the moment hardly any of them are talking to each other. I do however enjoy the buckets of fresh seafood we get to indulge in!

  7. I though I loved Christmas until I started reading all these blogs about it and I'm realising just how stressful it really can be! We try to keep it small and simple. I am hanging for school holidays, my son needs a break, and so do I! We will do a BBQ breakfast at the beach and then the family all rushes off to inlaws and we're left on our own! That's ok, it will be what we make of it. Gtting together with those we love and eating and drinking and napping sounds just perfect to me! x Aroha

  8. We're religious so church is a big part of Christmas for us, but for me personally getting together and spending time with the family is the really important part. I'm sorry your younger sister is no longer with you at Christmas :(