Monday 18 November 2013

to make another confession

This week's prompt over at My Home Truths...

how do you really feel about yourself? How do you see yourself right now?

now there's a thought provoking prompt and a little too close to home right now for me to make too much of a confession!

and then I saw this on Facebook....

So between both of those, it got me thinking about what I did want to 'be when I grew up', and I must confess, all I did want to be was a wife and a mother. At each point throughout my life when that did not happen I fluffed my way through one decision after another that has left me where I am today. I have so much to be proud of in my life and for all of that I am thankful, and thankful to those that have supported me along the way... My life not being what I anticipated it to be now, at 34, is not something I need or should dwell on, especially on my blog (don't want to bore you all senseless!) but I guess I am not the person I thought I would be by now.

At work our year 12's have just left, I attended the valedictory ceremony on Friday which was such a special and emotional event for them. I have not known them long, or know them very well, but I did find myself tearing up. I am one of those suckers who can't watch someone else cry without crying myself.

Over the past few weeks I did have a few of them through my office for career and post schooling advice and did have to laugh (on the inside of course, not to their faces!) at the number of them that wanted "to be rich and travel the world"...if it were only that easy!!! There were so many of them that thought they would take a GAP year and travel. I really really do hope that it works out for them, and it's good to have those dreams but for most of them the naivety of them that thinks it's just so easy kind of cracks me up, but also concerns me somewhat.

If there is anyone out there who's life has turned out exactly like they planned or exactly how they thought it would, then I envy you. I think we all go through moments of complete and utter happiness and moments where we wish and hope that things were different. But we have what we have and we do what we do and life goes on....


  1. When life throws you lemons springs to mind for me at the moment. I've linked up as well, although I suspect it is a huge case of over sharing this week.

    To be young and naive again....

    1. Haha... That's funny that you mention that lemons thought as the school captain mentioned it in his speech on Friday, his was a bit different though, something along the lines of 'when life throws you lemons, throw them back at life and yell, 'I don't want your stinking lemons!!'' Made me laugh but kind of true I suppose!! Lol...

  2. I've certainly been thrown some curve balls in my life but have to say on the whole I've been blessed. Didn't get rich and famous but am rich in all the things that really matter ;-)

  3. what's that saying? Life is what happens while you're making other plans? I always thought I'd be a big important executive. Then I wanted to be a wife and mum to 5 kids (and stay at home and play tennis while they're at school and belong to the local country club). BAHAHAHA! Maybe I was as naiive as your year 12s. I blame reality TV. We're all away with the fairies and think things are just given to us for doing nothing. :/

  4. My life is definitely not anything close to where I expected to be. Would I change it? Depends on the day.

  5. I suppose the beauty of life is in the very unexpectedness of it. I expected to travel and have a career but I had a family and fell into a job I liked instead. I'm satisfied and happy but it's human nature to always want what others have. That's what I tell myself when I hear of others' travel plans or their freedom to what they want when they want (unlike me). I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, whoever you happen to be...